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When people ask what I Do for a living they expect a simple answer of “I’m an author.” Then they ask questions like, “And you make money doing that?” combined with raised eyebrows.

They are surprised when I respond with excitement and joy and practically bounce up and down with “I help people! I help people learn how to become empowered and make great decisions! I teach people how love the life they live and create a life that fills them with excitement and energy!”

That’s what I do. The books, the workshops, the classes – they are the avenue in which I interact and engage with clients.

What I do and how I help others is a gift that keeps on giving and I LOVE being a source of tools and inspiration to help people succeed and achieve their goals!

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I wanted to create something special for my customers who are really desiring to learn, grow and improve themselves. I want to offer those who are putting in the effort and ready for that breakthrough a reward for striving to become someone bigger than they have been.

Thus, the arrival of Empowered! VIP Members List – the place where those truly desiring to achieve goals and reach success can have access to my programs at a lower cost and before everyone else!

They say that what you get for free won’t last and that is because that which has real value has a price. Sometimes it’s just time and energy, often the price is in dollars. Everything worthwhile in life has a cost and you are worth the investment!

When you are here with Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. you receive high value, real wisdom, tools and guidance that are easy to apply into your life.

I want you to realize your value and understand that you CAN create a life you love.

Why become a  VIP Member?

Getting on the VIP list gives you access to our sales way before everyone else AND you get bigger savings!

Here is one example of what you receive when you become a VIP member:

The Black Friday deals we have planned this year are crazy hot, and you’ll get the best deals and advanced opportunities to purchase.

Plus, shopping online during Black Friday weekend means you get to stay home – skipping all the crowds. You’ll enjoy staying home relaxing with family and friends, eating leftovers from Thanksgiving and having a great time.

You’ll receive bigger discounts that my social media fans won’t!

*You’ll get occasional bonuses and access to new and upcoming programs before they are released to the public year-round. 

Thank you for believing in your value and what you can contribute to the world we live in.

When we learn how to shine our light brighter we bring hope and encouragement while lighting the way for others to do the same.

I want to thank you for being a valued member of our Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. community!

If joining our Empowered! VIP List sounds like something that you are interested in,

sign up below.

IT’S FREE!  That’s right, you can get extra savings, perks and guidance in achieving your goals for FREE.


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