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That Blasted Double Jogging Stroller

That Blasted Double Jogging Stroller


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It’s big.

It’s heavy.

It’s hard to maneuver.

It weighs as much as the two toddlers it carries. The total weight the average runner behind the jogging stroller moves is about 100lbs. Insert the fact that the mom behind it is likely 125-160lbs, pushing the darn thing is a Hercules feat.

I took for granted the single jogger. Its lighter weight and agility.

Oh the things you discover while running behind the double stroller! The lack of sidewalks for one. It is surprising how many neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks, particularly around blind corners and over hills. The double jogger – it simply does not move through grass.

Hopping curbs with a rabbit’s reflexes is another dreamt of maneuver. It is so very apparent that those in charge of building streets/curbs/sidewalks have never, ever had to attempt to push a stroller, let alone a double one.

Among the perks of mastering the running of the double aside from astounding courage to deal with idiot drivers on the roads and developing animal reflexes? Arms and legs of refined steel. Oh yea! Parents if you want toned arms and legs get behind one of these things.

So um, maybe I should mention the pain. Pushing the double can create aches and strains you didn’t know possible. That quick hopping over the curb – sore achilles. Running on the same side of the street that is not even – sore wrists, shoulders, neck. Up the hills – well those hammy’s didn’t get strong for free. Chasing the contraption down the hill – can create creaky knees.

And then there is the exhausted moment you bend over to grab something from the basket underneath and misjudge where the handle bar is and whap yourself in the face.

Have you noticed I have yet to mention the joys of running with two squirming, fussing kids who are too hot or cold, don’t want the goldfish you brought for a snack, and where the hell did the sippy cup go? Who dropped it? The mitten, the boot, the pacifier? Dear God, where exactly on your three mile trek did it fly (not fall) out of the jogger?

I have yet to see a sleeping child in a double jogger. Nope. Doesn’t happen. Those days of enjoying quiet while pushing your only child in the single jogger, they no longer exist. And since you are a responsible parent, you’re headphones that provide blissful music to rev you up and keep you going, they are still sitting on the kitchen counter.

What about the four legged critters you cross paths with? I know dogs that could care less if we pass a foot away from them, and others that make you grateful your ungrateful toddler didn’t want the goldfish crackers. #instant doggy treat and diversion. I think most dogs realize that the double jogger is bigger than they are, that and one look at the exhausted expression on the runner’s face is enough to make any dog turn around.

I for one, am one Mother Bear that nobody wants to deal with. If I’ve managed to contain the whiny duo into the stroller and get miles from my house with them – HA! Car, pedestrian or animal beware. In other words – never mess with a mom behind a double jogger!!! If she’s got the strength and determination to get that damn run in, well, by all means you will become a crushed goldfish cracker beneath her feet if you cross her.

My times of pushing the double jogger are now behind me. Amen for that!

But I know, and every time I see another angel of a parent bound and determined to stay fit and get that workout in, I want to roll down my window and yell out “You are doing great! It’s hard, you’ve got it! And you are one hell of beast!”

I want to reward them and make the world stop and give a round of applause.

Frankly, pushing the double jogger sucks. Royally.

It’s hard. Really, really hard.

But it gets you in great shape. And if you can build the strength and determination to push 100+lbs of fussing toddlers over hills, around dogs, and squeeze between the cars who insists on parking over the sidewalk, shoot – you deserve a medal.

A medal of honor, courage, strength, boldness and love. You love your kids enough to value your worth in their lives, and refuse to allow excuses to get in the way of setting a great example of being fit and healthy. When you’re tired, hungry, can’t afford the gym or the gym daycare is closed, you do it anyways. You bundle up those kiddos, you provide them with bribery (um candy), you throw on your sweats (I know that’s what you wore all day and its ok) and you get out the door and into the world.

In doing so, you are building your mental, spiritual, and physical strengths and capacity. You are expressing your stress in healthy ways.

You are daring the world to throw whatever it wants at you and you know you can handle it.

(Reread that part about dodging cars, animals, and pushing 100+lbs over hills)

To the Moms and Dads who run with that double jogger, I commend you. Good job. Keep it up!

It is truly difficult. You are a beast. (And it makes everyone else look weak.)

And for those precious souls pushing a triple…

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