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It’s Time to Achieve!

It’s Time to Achieve!

I love this time of year, while so many others dread it. If you’re like me, you enjoy reflecting on how much you’ve grown in the last year and look forward to the adventures waiting in the new year. 

I’ve been laser focused in 2015, creating profitable EBooks, expanding my platform as a success author and diving into my second passion career.

For the last 20+ years, (since I was young) I’ve been studying people from all backgrounds with determination and ferocity. Asking questions like, “Why is my life this way? Why are others successful? Why do some successful people fall from grace? What is it that highly successful people are doing to maintain their success? What is it they are doing that we aren’t?”

I began life at the bottom of the scrap heap, literally, and have climbed my way up from the pit to mediocrity. Then I realized that my methods and approach to changing my life was beginning to separate me up higher, on another level, from the masses.

When I was a young adult, I’d get so frustrated that I couldn’t find in one book or program real information and tools that I could actually use and implement in my life to create change. As the years went on, while continuing my research, I realized that even many of our greatest writers, athletes, businessmen and leaders are actually unaware of what it is that sets them apart. If they are aware, few know how to maintain their success or implement it into all areas of their life, let alone teach it.

So many motivational books only touch the surface, giving us the same glossy, sugar coated crap as the next one.

The truth is, for most of us, that brief little hint of success found in the ‘gloss’ doesn’t even begin to cover the basics to apply and create real change.

I began writing at a young age and over the years have accumulated a vast array of knowledge, principles and methods for what works, what doesn’t, why and more so, how to actually apply the concepts I teach that I use in my life every day. I incorporate them into my mindset, my health, my relationships, my careers (at 31 I have two passion careers in full swing), my finances and into my athletic training and coaching.

As we begin this New Year, I’ve gathered some of my best principles for creating and achieving goals. On Wed. January 6th, I’m launching my new online course, “It’s Time to Achieve.” In this course I answer, “How can we, the average person, begin to live the lives we want to be living? How can we achieve our goals and improve our lives? How can I really begin to achieve?”

This isn’t your typical state your goal, jot it down, set a deadline and Tada!

We all know that way doesn’t get you to where you want to be.

In my webinar course you will learn what faulty goal systems look like and why they fail you. We’ll take an in depth look at what a goal really is and what setting goals requires. I will share with you a true process for achieving success that can be repeated in every area of life. Plus, I’ve packed in tips and tricks for staying focused, motivated and how to overcome challenges along the way. I’ve even included excerpts from my books The Decision, The Point of the Marathon and Empowered with additional tidbits of wisdom and tools to help you achieve.

If you are tired of trying to set goals only to be giving up and quitting shortly after you start, if you can get going on them – this course is for you!

In it you will learn how I juggle all my responsibilities yet find plenty of time every week to invest into my dream careers. You will learn dozens of awesome tactics for handling life’s challenges, build a success mindset and finally understand why it is you haven’t been achieving up to this point. It’s packed with great tutorials, study guides, worksheets and sneak peaks into my book The Decision, which is not yet published in which the goal setting content is powerful!

Creating goals that keep your focus and interest until you achieve them is easy when you understand the success process for achieving in life.

Come join me, Wed. Jan 6th as I launch my It’s Time to Achieve course – the results will change how you approach your life and enable to you to achieve again and again. If there is one thing I know how to do it’s make an incredible impact while helping others build a success mindset!

[It’s Time to Achieve is a 1x per week webinar class with replay available. Included are study guides, worksheets, Q & A sessions and live webinar interaction with success oriented minds.]

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