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How to Make Progress in Life

How to Make Progress in Life

*Formerly titled How to Make Progress*


In life there are simple steps to instill in your daily life that will guarantee you success. These are external actions that are reflections of internal decisions. These decisions hone in your character and build within you the basic components for achieving success in life, whether it be achieving simple goals, visionary dreams, or handling daily life with ease.

First Step – Sign up. Decide what it is you want to do and will be going after.

Second Step – Commit to it. Make progress daily.

Third Step – Arrive promptly and prepared to work.

Fourth Step – Work Hard.

Fifth Step – Assess and adjust – often.

Sixth Step – Follow through. See it all the way to the end.


Part II

Life happens. It happens to everyone, everywhere, no matter a person’s background. Loved one’s become ill. Vehicles break down. Jobs are lost. You become ill. Even preparation for a big planned event can create unexpected chaos. When it rains, it pours.

Why is it that some people sink and others swim?

Those who handle life’s unexpected chaos with ease are simply people who have prepared themselves for handling life’s storms. They show up every day, and with wisdom and hard work make what progress they can, regardless of the day’s circumstances.

Showing up every day in life, and doing what you can with what you have, allows you to grow, to learn, to get stronger.

Each day progress is made, another brick is set firmly into the walls of the house that is your life.

The key to getting that strength and wisdom for yourself, is showing up each and every day, in the warm sunshine, in the chilly rain, in the bleakness of a howling blizzard and doing what needs doing.

Crazy things can happen, good things. Like finding open doors of opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t appear without the chaos.

Here Are Steps for Dealing With Life’s Chaos:

  1. Step back, breathe, and evaluate what is actually going on.
  2. Deal with what is right in front of you. (the unexpected chaos – personal illness, broken down car, loved one in the hospital, etc.)
  3. Decide to do what you can with what you currently have available and get to work. Make the progress you can. Progress is progress.
  4. Let go. Let go of the need for control over everything. Let go of other’s needs and expectations – you only have so much in your fuel tank and can only give to a certain degree. Be sure you are taking care of you.
  5. Open your mind and heart to what is right in front of you. New moments for growth, learning, opportunity. Look for the blessings in disguise. Stay positive. The current situation may actually be the building of a bridge, allowing you to make leaps and bounds in things that just last week you deemed utterly challenging.

One last thing to remember: Believe. Remind yourself that you are completely capable. You can handle each and every circumstance in your life. Trust in your knowledge, trust in your skills, trust in your competence.

Life is always moving, always changing. Every trial, every challenge, every season in life, it will all pass. Remain focused on who it is you are becoming, you will get there one step at a time.

Part III

Always be moving forward, do a bit of work each and every day that will bring you another step closer to your goals and the life you want to be living.

Highly successful individuals take advantage of every block of time they can make work for them. Fifteen minutes here, a half an hour there. Five minutes to make a call, or research information, or add another paragraph to a page.

Rain or shine, great health or under the weather, busy or slow, loud or quiet, the secret to getting there, to truly making that goal happen – is deciding daily to take action in the direction of your purpose.

Make it Happen!

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