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How to Find Courage

How to Find Courage

How Can I Find The Courage?


Choosing to scamper out a little farther each time we gather enough confidence and courage – we begin to explore this life we’ve been given and use our unique God given talents.

People tend to live in fear – for many reasons.

What separates those who succeed and more so those highly successful is first realizing fear is a mental state, an approach to living that can be overcome and secondly, that in higher consciousness – fear doesn’t exist at all. It’s not even an option.

People rise up when they decisively gather the courage to begin showing up, adding consistency, duration and frequency to the act of arriving. We add unto ourselves and what we offer and do the more we decide to simply walk out of our front doors, venture into the world and go to opportunity.

Just as we are.

When we realize that we are enough just as we are each time we show up – we are confident. (Do not dismiss the notion that we are to always be willing to learn and grow.) Not arrogant in thinking we are perfect, but confident – trusting that our accumulation of life experiences, wisdom, skills, knowledge and passion for what we are about to do is enough. We trust that those in attendance and receiving what we are bringing are at the right place in their lives to receive our gifts and that the means in which we connect with them will be enough.

Is essence, every day we live our lives to the fullest, we grow, we become wiser, stronger and more capable of offering more and in new ways than we previously have.

I want you to know that you are enough. Right now as you are, wherever you are in this journey called your life, that you are enough. You’ve got it in you to begin, you’ve got it within to show up, and you most certainly will be enough for those on the receiving end. Every single time.


Believe in yourself today. In your abilities, in your passions and in your purpose. You are here for a reason, many reasons. There are people in this world looking for exactly what you have to offer and in exactly the way only you can give it.

Get up.

Make a big decision today. Follow through with it by taking big steps of action. Dream big, think big, plan big, believe with everything you can today that on this very day, you will positively impact another human soul and in just the right way.

I want you to scamper, I want you to venture out as far and high as you can today. Scurry back to breathe and gather courage to do so again tomorrow, but only after you pause just long enough up and out there, to see the world and life in a new light.

It is within you.

Blessings, abundance, success, miracles – it is all within you. You just have to believe it is there residing within you. You’ve got to find it in yourself to show up for the first time, as nervous as you might be, and then to keep getting yourself into the arena that you want to be in.

We shine brightly when we realize we have to step out from behind our fortress and into the world so we can be seen. If we want something we must get out and go get it. We have to be willing to show up and walk through the doors of the venue we dream about. We must do more than sit in the highest of seats, watching from the shadows. We have to sit in many seat and watch from many angles to discover just what it is that intrigues us so. Then we have to get curious, so inquisitive about it and how that we ask and begin to learn and do. We have to understand, and I mean really rise up in our understanding of life, that if we want it all we have to do is get up on the stage in which our dreams consist of.

If we can do just that, get ourselves up and onto that stage, it will be enough.




Live boldly.

Get decisive in life.

Become empowered.

In this you will become resilient.

Who is it you dream of becoming?

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