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How to Create Opportunity


How to Create Opportunity



This month we are talking about getting out of our comfort zones! We’ve talked about how having a goal requires us to learn, grow and change; that this means we will have to be a little uncomfortable as we rise into becoming the person capable of achieving the goals we set. We switched our mindset from “There is just no way,” to “What if it DOES work!” Then I got it cemented in your belief system that we do in fact create our own luck in life. Opportunity my dear, is what arrives when you dare to step beyond that comfort blanket and into the unknown.

Opportunity is Waiting for You

It is mind boggling to the average person how some people turn everything they touch into gold. It’s like the opportunities just appear like magic out of thin air.

To the successful person there is a clear-cut path to getting opportunity to arrive at your doorstep. It starts with the approach we mentioned above. Realizing that life is all about evolving, you learning, growing and changing, that change turns from fear and discomfort to excitement and expectation for the chance.

Developing the expectation and mindset that life works in your favor if you expect it to literally creates miracles.

Successful people put effort into life ownership and fine tuning their character, habits and approach for living.

This is a powerful combination that propels people forward on their path, a path that isn’t always well lit and without a specific route defined. What is out there on this path that is uncharted territory is where your real opportunities are. Everything you want is out there.

It’s not here in this present bubble you live in today. If it was, you wouldn’t have any wants and desires. You’d already have it all. Since that is not reality you’ve got to understand that if you’re going to receive or achieve anything you truly want – it’s all out there outside of your comfort zone.

What appears to be magic at the fingertips of a successful achiever is really just a person willing to go out and get what they want from life. The more you venture out and seek opportunity, the more opportunity will line itself up with you.


Life is Like a Mirror

Everything we are is energy. The kind of energy and how much energy we give out is basically what we will receive in return. When it returns is not up to us, just know that it does return.

So, every day that you gather enough courage to step outside of your comfort zone, you get a little stronger, it gets a little easier and you realize it’s not such a big deal after all. The more you practice this higher level of energy (stepping up and out), the more you are telling the universe that you are willing to consider what all is out there for you. As you get more confident and begin expecting positive things to happen as you venture out, the universe will respond by lining up better and bigger doors of opportunity for you.

It’s easy for people to just say, “I want to earn to 5 million dollars.” They wonder why it never appears. Well, you are being tested every day with the amount of money you do have. Can you manage what you have well? Because the wisdom, self-control, and everything else that is equivalent to the energy of 5 million dollars simply will not arrive if you haven’t figured out how to manage $5,000.

Think of goals and opportunities like baby steps. You start out rolling, then rocking, then crawling, then standing with support, then you totter a few steps. It takes a while and a lot of practice for most babies to walk well and then be able to run.

The bigger the goal you set, the more baby steps (levels of learning, growing and changing) you will need to get through along the way.

The truth is life is giving you multiple opportunities every day to rise up and experience life at a greater level, you just don’t see them.

If you spend all day saying, “I can’t do it, or that won’t work,” well do you think the universe is going to offer you a $5 million-dollar opportunity? That is an obvious “No.”

If you develop your mentality to being able to accept making $100,000 a year as feasible, and you work at improving your skillset and you start seeking better opportunities to earn that much, then you will find multiple opportunities to earn $100k appearing in your life. You won’t get it without the work (learning, growing and changing). You have to do your part.

There are zillions of opportunities waiting for you, but they are out there, outside of this bubble you’ve been living in. You’ve got to meet God half way and show that you are ready and willing to grow.


Making Magic Happen

One of the biggest hold ups we face when it comes to setting goals and trying to achieve them is that we don’t want to be seen as incapable and new at it. But accepting yourself as you are, where you are in life is the only real place to begin.

It is perfectly okay to be a complete beginner at something.  You don’t get good at anything until you can first admit you suck at it and have no idea where to begin learning how to get good at it. And then…

You Simply Start.

You figure out what it is you want, what it is going to require of you (that learning, growth and change) and you take the first step. Then you take the second step. Some of these first steps may seem impossible if you’ve never tried anything like it before.

Don’t be intimidated if your goals require a huge learning curve. Just think about how much wiser and more capable you will be if you even get halfway to your goal.

As your confidence builds and your personal growth develops, your baby steps will also grow in size. When you reach one small goal, you’ll take that experience and wisdom gained and apply it to your next goal and so on.

Every time you dare to believe you can, that it’s a possibility, and you ACT (get out of that comfort zone) in the direction of your goal, you will start recognizing opportunity everywhere.

You’ll think of and meet people who can guide you along the way or who share your passions. The courage to seek out opportunities or even just to get your foot in a door will strengthen and it doesn’t take long before you just whip out a bullhorn and start announcing your arrival everywhere you go.

Energy is contagious. What you send out and actually are is what lines you up with those opportunities you want. You’ve got to be it within and once you start emitting that frequency of energy out, life will begin lining it all up for you and bringing it to you.


Be It – Don’t Fake It

Sometimes people get this idea of faking it till you make it. This sits on false premises. If you are faking it, you are not actually it, which means you are sending out chopped up messages in multiple languages. You might as well be saying “Yes, No, I don’t know” a thousand times a day.

Faking it is basically you lying to yourself. You either are or you are not. There is no gray area here. Faking it means you are sending out these pre-recorded energy beacons that are someone else’s. Like you’ve downloaded someone else’s vision and now you are shouting it out from your rooftop. I’m calling you out on it right now.

It’s not authentic. It’s not really you. You have not really done the work. You have not gone through the required process of growth, learning and change that your goals require of you. You can’t short cut this. The universe sees right through it.

You’ve got to BE IT literally and become it truly. You’ve got to face yourself as you are right where you are. And begin from there.  Everything you want will come with practice and time.

Here is the thing. You don’t want to fake it. Because if by some odd strike of lightening a major opportunity or windfall does come your way, you will have ZERO idea of how to recognize it for what it is, how to handle it and you’ll not know what to do with it next. It will slip right through your fingertips because you didn’t grow into and become the person that golden moment requires you to be to keep it and flourish with it.

Become IT (the person you really want to be and express into the world) through authenticity and practice. Be willing to be right where you are at in the process. This is so important.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You don’t want to be just like them. You have a different purpose in this life than they do.

Enjoy WHO and WHERE you ARE right here and now.


Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

 I want you to really take away from this today that it is perfectly okay to be standing right where you are. With whatever skills and talents, you have at whatever level they may be at, you are enough and you are totally capable of becoming the person your goals require you to be.

You want to be able to enjoy the rewards of your efforts, and this comes with time and grace.

You want to be able to see opportunity and claim it and make the most of it slowly at first. This way you can practice with opportunity. As you get better and evolve, you will be able to decipher which of several opportunities will be best for you to pursue and you will even gain the ability to juggle multiple amazing opportunities in the same season of your life.

Think of it like finding out a money cloud will float over your front yard for 30 minutes this afternoon. Heck Yes! That would be awesome. So, you get on the phone and tell everyone you know and you wait. You stop everything else you were going to do and you wait on your front steps. Then that money cloud drifts over as promised by the weather man, except you’ve got 10 friends hanging out with you in your front yard. None of you are prepared but you are all excited. You hope there is enough for everyone to get some.

This money cloud might pour $1 bills or $100 bills. It may just sprinkle a few pennies or be a flood of quarters. Like the weather, we really don’t know exactly how our opportunity will show up, just that it will if we show up.

What would you do if it poured $100 bills over your house for an afternoon? Would you be prepared and have the means to catch it all? What would you even do with it? Pay bills, do some shopping, take a vacation? Would you use it to fund other goals you have?

You’ve got to have a plan, there must be a purpose and WHY for your results.

It is better to stride after, expect and receive our blessings (opportunities) in manageable amounts so we can enjoy and benefit wholly.

If you try to fake your way there – you also lose out on your WHY. Faking it is focused on looking good instead of feeling good, doing good and becoming good at it.

Opportunities are waiting for you – to step out of your comfort zone and show up ready to receive them.

You create the opportunities you receive by stepping out to see them and being prepared to make the most of them.

If you missed our post on Creating a Powerful WHY for your goals, you need to go read that. Your WHY when it is powerful enough, it will carry you out of your comfy bubble and past your comfort zones daily with ease and excited expectation for success.


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