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How to Connect Better with Your Fans & Clients

How to Connect Better with Your Fans & Clients


Today I am going to talk about how we can connect with all of our fans and clients in the content we provide.

How many times do we find someone who speaks our language or has as much interest and passion about a subject as we do – yet we struggle to get anything out of what they share and teach? It happens all the time.

This happens for three reasons. One reason is because the person sharing the content only understands the topic with a base level or intermediate level of understanding – which means all they can teach is beginner level concepts.

The second reason the disconnect happens is because people live in fear. They fear coming off as too intelligent, they fear they will scare people away if they teach anything advanced, they fear not being able to be understood. People fear being questioned and challenged.

The third reason is because people don’t know what they know or how to teach it. This directly correlates with everyone is living life at their own pace and at their own level.

This is a great time to read the Difference Between Mentors and Masters! No really, you need to know the difference and which category you are actually in. This knowledge can make all the difference for you professionally and for your clients. (Not to mention make one heck of a difference in your personal life too.)

So when we take courses or attend workshops and especially when we are paying money for them, anytime you walk away and you are disappointed – it is likely that you were taught by a mentor. And you are already at that same level. If the content was the same old stuff you already know – you are either further ahead of the game then the person who was providing the content and/or they are only mentors – they don’t know more advanced concepts to teach or how to go about doing so.

In terms of how we can connect BETTER with our fans and customers, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Listen to your current participants and fan base. Are they asking for more challenging concepts? Or are they struggling with the basics you are providing?
  2. Change the methods in which you teach. Try out other platforms (videos, books, webinars, courses, podcasts) to reach new groups of people and present your content in new ways. Not everyone has the same learning style and your fans benefit greatly when you utilize different forms of media.
  3. Offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level options! Start with what you know. As you personally continue learning and growing you can expand the programs you offer and begin offering intermediate and advanced level content reach a larger percentage of your customer base.


Again, depending on the type of content you provide, what your vision is, and your customer base is, you might only want to be teaching and sharing content at one level.

Be real with your customers! Let them know what level the content is you are going to be discussing.

Title your programs accordingly!

Example: I recently did a quick video with tips for those just getting started with webinars and I called it, “10 Tips for Webinar Newbies.”   This makes is quick and easy for webinar veterans to skip this video and it makes it very easy for those needing beginner level tips to get started.

When you write out your descriptions use words that let participants know what they will get out of your program.

Here is a common example of how people unintentionally disconnect with participants.

If you are offering a “How to Build a $100k Business in 12 Months” program, this is very broad.

If you add into the description,  “Are you making steady and consistent sales in your business and you’d like to rise to the next level?” this separates out everyone who either has not yet started a business, or isn’t making very much in sales.

You want to target in on who WILL get the most benefit from your program – those who are ready to move beyond the beginner stage of running a business (that is they are up and running nicely already). This also lets those who are already making six figures a year know that they will not benefit from your program much as they likely already know the content pretty well.

Including information such as recommended pre-requisites helps participants decide where they should begin.

If people are asking questions and/or signing up, they are interested in what you provide. Connecting with them is owning the program you are offering and providing enough information and clarity on what is in the program so your customers can make wise and informed decisions and actually benefit from your services.


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