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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions!

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions!

                I’ve got it. And you can have it too.

                Success. Joy. Motivation. Strength & Power. 

                Decisiveness. Be Self-Empowered. Have Resilience in and towards life.  

Think big and be realistic. You can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart upon achieving. The opportunities are limitless. You can be living life as you’d like. Being realistic about your goals truly means going after them with everything you’ve got while being flexible about how to make it happen and how long it might actually take.

Change your goals from just results (losing 20lbs, saving more money, finishing such and such) to learning how to live better. Try these for new goals, which begin with your thinking process and follows through with clear actions to take to bring about those desired results.

  1. Live boldly. Think big and act big. Know who you are and be proud of who you are becoming. Go out and make life happen
  2. Improve your character. Success in anything requires worthy character. Focus on improving little aspects like being prompt, completing tasks, being honest even if you disagree, saying yes to things you want to say yes to and saying no to things you want to say no to.
  3. Value yourself more. Your time and energy are your most important assets. Work on valuing them more and setting clear boundaries with your time and energy – who and what you give your resources to.
  4. Take risks. Step out and try new things. You can only change and improve by learning, and learning involves doing new things and doing old things in new ways. Failure only means that particular avenue isn’t good for you and there is a much better way to found.
  5. Value simplicity. Make life easier. Schedule less, commit to less, buy less, need and want fewer things, use less. Value what you have, what you are earning, and what you are doing. Living simply allows you room to breathe, time to rejuvenate and refocus. Valuing simplicity allows you to live more decisively.

Return to the goals you thought you had set for the coming year and compare them to above.

Those who succeed at achieving their New Year’s resolutions are the ones who focus on changing who they are from the inside out first. The external rewards (like better health, more income, happier relationships) are the direct results of focusing on changing your thinking process and the principles you live by.

Perhaps you did have a goal to lose 20lbs. And it is the same goal as last year and the year before. The reason you failed to lose those 20lbs? The way you go about making decisions. It wasn’t that the diet was too difficult to follow or that the gym cost too much money or that you were too lazy to do either. You failed at your goal because of how you make your decisions. You can’t lose 20lbs if you don’t know how to make good decisions when you are tired and hungry or in a hurry. You can’t lose 20lbs if you haven’t decided to value your health, your energy, and what you have to offer your family and the world.

When you decide to make better decisions your life will change.  

Take responsibility for your life the way it is and take ownership of what you can change.  You can achieve any external goal you can conceive of, but first you must develop the ability to make good decisions about who you are, who you want to be and how you will make your life happen. So if your list of New Year’s resolutions looks the same as last year, scratch everything on it off. That’s right. And write down the following:

The truth is you can change anything and everything about yourself and your life!

Being decisive in life gives you power. Own your personal power! Own your yes’s and no’s. Own up to what you will or will not do. Keep your priorities based on your values. Learn to value and respect who you are and who you want to be.

When you know who you are (and want to be), what you believe in (what you say yes and no to, what you will or will not do), you can make decisions clearly and quickly. Improving your decision making process assists you in sticking to those New Year’s resolutions. When you learn to live by your values and priorities, what you do focus on becomes clearer and you will notice the things you actually need to work on changing in your life.


Learn how to live Decisively.

Learn to make better decisions and think more clearly to take the right course of action to receive the results you are after.

Live Empowered. Know who you are.

Write it down. What do you believe in? Why? Set your priorities based upon your values and principles for living. If you are not happy with your life as it is, begin to study the values and principles of those who are living a life similar to that which you’d like to have and begin to incorporate those values as your own. Own yourself, as you are, and your life as it is.

Accountability is the first step to creating change.

Be Resilient.

Realize you have power! To make new decisions, to choose new principles to live by, to do and overcome anything in life. Decide to build yourself a new, strong, determined mindset. Use that mindset to build yourself a strong and healthy body. Use that strong and healthy mind and body to create the life you’d like to be living. Focus on you and who you are becoming.

Implement these tips into your approach for creating and achieving your New Year’s Resolutions!

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