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How To Achieve Your Goal!

How To Achieve Your Goal!

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Today what I am addressing is a nitty gritty truth about success. What approaching the final stretch to achieving your goal is like and how to handle it successfully.

At a certain point you cross over into a point of no return. You’ve put in too much time, energy, effort, tough decision making, and various resources to even consider giving up and throwing it all aside. It’s just not even an option. (This is such a BIG sign of progress made!)

I am a firm believer in always chasing more than one rabbit (Goal). This is very feasible if you do it correctly and spread the steps of your goals out appropriately over the long run. Obviously you can’t do everything all at once.

But there are seasons or events that happen that truly prevent you from working towards your one big goal, and instead of getting lazy and letting time waste by, you can use these moments to refocus and slowly build up that second or third goal.

The second rabbit gets worked on here and there, but over the course of a few years you absolutely achieve it, whereas if you didn’t make use of the moments here and there, you’d still be nowhere close to catching rabbit two.

But back to this main goal that, once you have reached the point of no return, is likely totally consuming your mind, decisions, and actions day and night. It is as much a part of you as the oxygen in your blood, a vital and necessary component of you living to see another day.

This is where that insane level of focus and powerful momentum you slowly built up is in full force. You can see the finish line. You can feel the success and rewards beginning to feel and become more real, and you can taste it. You are so freaking close to making it!

This is when life can get overwhelming. You still have a life to be living and responsibilities to be taking care of and your health to maintain.

This is the time to slow down.

The people who continue on in such a rush are the ones who overlook critical tiny factors that are the glue to the last pieces of the puzzle. They forget to keep their real values and priorities in order and make not so great choices that impact the ones they care about and who are supporting them.

So when you reach this phase in your route to success, inhale deeply and let go.

Likely everything is going on at once, literally. You are being pulled in a thousand directions.

When I say let go, I mean let go of the need to power propel your way to the end.

It may take a little while to figure out exactly how to do this. Make a few little changes in your schedule. Set aside some busywork, simply reduce the number of times each week the busy work is added. You still do it, just not daily. (This is allowing you to alleviate some of that pressure).

When you are with your family, set your ‘work’ aside and engage in the moment. Balance this with setting clear rules for your family that your goal is close to being achieved, and that work time is very important. Let them know you appreciate their support and that you want to still enjoy quality time with them during this season.

Let go of the need for perfection. Focus on the whole vision, break it back down into those doable steps and just take each day as it comes. You get done what you can and then you let it go until your next block of working time.

The thing is, because you’ve made it this far, with such determination, focus and momentum, you will get there.

You will achieve you goal by its deadline, and the outcome will be great!

It will turn out great because you remembered to slow it all down and let the finishing touches (flow) come together in a peaceful, relaxed state.

Yes, you may have a few late nights putting all the finishing touches on but this is the stage to enjoy this part of the process, the bringing it all together and getting those last details done. This is the time to be shining outward as what was once just a thought that turned into a vision is now a physical product.

You can now see the end results of what did not exist a short time ago.

It may be your health, your finances, a career change or objective, whatever it is you’ve been working on, it will continue to unfold beautifully. Enjoy this time of patience and follow through, this is the fun part. The grunt work is over, the believing – well it’s in your hands now. It’s like the final few holes in a fabulous afternoon of golfing.

All that is required to maintain your lead and win, is relaxed patience, relaxed focus, continued observation and last second adjusting, and letting yourself feel the confirmation of knowing you have done it.

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