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The Hell (Joys) of Blogging

The Hell (Joys) of Blogging

The Hell (Joys) of Blogging


Most people think handling social media is easy peasy. Toss out a tweet, say hi on FB and hope your post gets seen by anyone, and declare you are a blogger. Muhahahaha. No. It’s actually more like hell.

Why the hell can’t learning how to and doing social media be easy? Simple? Quick? Painless?

Some days two hours of learning (trying to anyways) how to use a site (like feedly, buzzfeed, reddit?) is like trying to read a foregin language. These sites’ formatting and design is a mess, complicated and hard to figure out just where to go find basic “How To” steps to make sense of it, let alone use it. Perhaps they need to pay attention to bloggers, and realize the simpler and more clean your page design is, the more people can and will utilize it and keep coming back.

Then you have to find and re-login in to one of the 100+ accounts/emails/passwords you’ve had to come up with for all 100+ damn social media/website building sites that one must be on. It’s insane just how complicated it all is, to learn, to keep organized, to actually use. Effectively is whole nother story.

What is crazy and scary- our kids will be able to do all this piece of cake by the time they are adults!

Then when it comes to submitting your work, you have figure out how to tweak your formatting to God knows what kind of formatting that will actually look right on whatever site you’ve submitted to. Do you know how many posts you end up posting/sharing wrong until you finally figure it out?

Then it comes to twitter and FB. Twitter, I find annoying. I use it. To share my work. And because I am a busy, focused momma I don’t have to time tweet anything else. (because I spend what little work time I have trying to figure out how to use these stupid sites) And I’ve found that all twitter users just use it for marketing – like I do. So why am I the only one who has figured out twitter people are all hamsters spinning in wheels trying to make their media work when nobody pays attention to it? Maybe I’m being a little pissy here. Twitter is not that bad.

And Facebook. I suppose everyone at some point crosses the line from doing good and moral work that is fair, to simple greed and forgetting about what it is like for everyone else. Facebook now only shares writer’s posts to maybe 10% of their followers. (Which is why all your bloggy friends are complaining and resharing their posts 500 times.) Dear Facebook, enough with the crap. Stop charging people who aren’t making money to share their work and news. I should only  have to write one post and everyone who follows me should be allowed to see it. If I had money for marketing, I would not use it with Facebook anyways, I’d be using it for travel expenses so I could utilize writing conferences and book tours.

I’m pretty sure Facebook has hooked up with these others sites, and asked them to make them complicated, because Facebook has now become filled with groups called “How in the hell do I use this site?” Genius way to both make money and piss people off.

And then there is google +. So important to link to everyone else yet you have to manually post everything ten different times to every group and circle because there is no simple one click and share with all button feature.

And then there are all the others that I simply don’t have time nor energy nor care to try and figure out how to use.

Do people not realize if they made all these sites and features easier to understand and use more people would actually use them! Which increases the return for the people trying to use these sites, which also reduces the time they spend trying to use the sites. Time saved is money saved and allows for more creative productive work to be done.

So basically, every week, I and many other bloggers bang our heads against the desk trying to figure out all this stuff, we likely don’t get paid for it, and it all comes down to this….we need to have money to hire social media smart kids fresh out of high school to become our personal assistants.

Oh yes, and basically every ‘It’ person, resource or site will state that one must overload their social media – which is dumb. Again, if these sites worked effectively, one could post something once to each place and have it be seen by all. I hate being bombarded by the same things again and again. If I liked it the first time, I will give it my attention. If I didn’t, I sure don’t want to see it again and again. It’s like shopping and the retailers want to attack customers with personal greetings. Good grief, this mamma just wants to shop in peace and quiet. And I just want to blog and build my social media quickly, simply and without needing handfuls of chocolate.

The End.

Are you a blogger, writer or user of social media and totally agree with this? Then Share.

Share, share, share my friends.

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  1. Reply Meredith

    Something that really helps me is just taking breaks from it. I’m a VA for another blogger, and man, if I could put as much time into MY blog as I do into hers, I’d probably make my own money…social media management is no cake walk, that’s for sure! 🙂

  2. Reply Jen

    Oh, I love this! And I completely agree – I thought I was the only one! Google + is just my least favorite!!

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