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Essential Guide to Writing Professional Thank You’s

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Essential Guide to Writing Professional Thank You’s

One of the most important keys to successful networking and growing your business is remembering to Thank those who have helped you along the way!

Even if you don’t own a business this is a great activity in which to extend your gratitude to those you care about.

As we gander through November, the month of Thanksgiving, this is a great time to reflect back on the year and think about who has helped you (directly or indirectly) in growing personally and professionally.

I want to encourage you to make time as we wind down the year to pick up the phone, send out a few cards and at the very least writer a heart-felt email to a dozen people whose guidance and support carried you at various moments of this journey you are on.

Think about how warm and cozy it would make you feel to open up your mailbox and read a letter describing someone who has taken life by the reigns and is making something happen – and YOU played a pivotal role in their success!

Get Started

Go grab a piece of paper and write down #’s 1-12.

Use the list below to generate ideas of people who have likely helped you out earlier this year.

Influential People in Your Life:

A family member or dear friend – Support and referrals

A Mentor – They’ve taught you wisdom and helped you learn faster.

Gate Keepers – Someone who referred you or opened a door for you that truly gave you a   boost.

Assistants – Your VA, employees, editors, marketing team, shop crew, anyone on your team that has helped make it happen.

Volunteers – Anyone who lent you a hand or handled something that freed up time and energy to put into your business.

Competitor – Yes! If a certain competitor has helped you rise higher or shared some tips and wisdom with you – they deserve a thanks!

Customers – Do you have a few customers who have been with you since Day One? Or who have gone above and beyond referring you?


What to Include in Your Thank You:

Thank you letters sound so easy until we sit down to write them. It can be challenging to put into words our sincere level of appreciation and emotions.

Keep it short and simple if you’d like.


#1 Who you are (if a reminder is appropriate) and how you know them.

#2 A sincere statement of gratitude.

#3 Mention your results and some of the opportunities that came from your interaction with this person.

#4 Share one of your goals for the coming year – how you are going to continue growing from the help they’ve given you.

#5 Extend a gift, perhaps a coupon or small freebie for your products and services.

#6 Remind them how you can help them too. Ask what kind of referrals they are looking for in their business – maybe you can return the favor.

 Take Action Today

Then take 10 minutes every day to write one Thank You note until you’ve crossed off every name on your list.

Create a General Letter to Share

If you have a lot of people who helped you out this year, you can also write up a holiday letter, listing the main 12 people/businesses who helped you or create a running list similar that of a list of sponsors.

You can then share some of your bigger feats achieved from the List of Accomplishments you created earlier this month.

[That’s a great article to read and do, especially for those times when you need a motivational boost.]

This way you are show casing to your community or industry the awesome people (businesses) who’ve helped you out and it creates a nice list of referrals for them to check into.

For my fans:

With that, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU my readers, for your time and devotion in following me here at Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. I truly appreciate all the kind thoughts that arrive in my inbox from you, along with the likes and sharing of my posts and programs! Because of your love and support I am able to continue building two careers I love and it means so much to me to inspire you and help you succeed in your endeavors.


Nicolette Brink

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