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Grow Your Email List!

Grow Your Email List!

Grow Your Email List This Summer!


I will be the first to admit – I hate getting tons of emails from people I’ve subscribed to every day.

Then I realized I had nothing to hate on! I had SIGNED UP for the emails I was receiving – something had triggered me to want what they were offering!

As a professional I have always made it my mission to truly serve my customers and fans – and not send out emails every single day (or multiple times a day).

Then I switched to a new email/newsletter host provider and my entire perspective changes again. Funny how once we are exposed to a higher level of things we suddenly “Get it.” I used to use Mailchimp and now I’ve converted to Convertkit.

My new provider now lets me create entire email sequences so I can pack tons of value in for those who subscribe to my newsletters. In this process I realized I was quickly creating multiple article series for my newsletter that were way better than my best blog articles. (I’m not kidding!) To top it off, I now am able to segment out who receives what. So if you are following me as a fellow writer – I can see to it you are getting my tips and encouragement for writers and not all the other stuff – unless you ask for my main topic of success, achieving goals and building a Decisive, Empowered and Resilient approach for living.

(See how I did that? Right there you could have opted in to 3 different newsletters.)

Anyways, I am really excited for all the new things I am offering and sharing with those who subscribe to my list.

If you are like I was in the beginning, you may be wondering “How exactly can I grow my email list?”

I’ve included a few ideas for you to implement and get you going in the right direction, as the summer goes on you can try some of these

20 Awesome Ways to Grow Your List.  First, start with the 5 tips below for growing your list.


#1 Add those Subscribe Here Buttons!

You want to make sure people can easily find your Subscribe Here boxes and buttons. If you want, you can choose to utilize a pop up box. I go back and forth with my pop up box, sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t. You can also set them up so they only show up when someone visits a certain page on your website or make it so after they subscribe they never see your pop up box again.

You also want to make sure you have places for people to subscribe on your social media accounts! You can do this for every social media account you have. Make a Sign Up for my Newsletter pin for Pinterest, add a sign up button to the menu of your FB page etc.

Also, be sure you include links in your articles that lead to a content upgrade requiring people to subscribe in order to receive your upgrade.

Last, just ask! Not every day, probably not every week. Ask your fans in a quick social media mention if they are getting one of the services you provide for your subscribers. Then say, “If you haven’t gotten it, go here to get it now.” Have the link lead to the subscribe form and redirect to that specific email/content.

If you want people to sign up, you have to make your subscribe boxes easy to find.


#2 Who are your serving?

This is THE question to answer before you do anything else. Who are the people receiving your content, products and services? What are they following you for? What are they wanting and needing that you can help them with?

Get specific. Write this down and post it above your desk.

Now, I have to ask you this, “Are your current followers/subscribers your target market?” Often when we are starting out, we are all eager for anyone to follow us. We’ve all been there and it’s fine. The thing is, your subscriber list is your potential customer base.

You’ve hooked them somehow and now you have a chance to offer and provide them with more. But if they aren’t your target audience then what you have to offer (product or service) isn’t likely to match up with what they are looking for.

(This is why being able to segment your subscribers is important. It helps you to serve your clients based on their interests and needs. I have one large niche and two smaller niches that tie into my main one.)

So, if your current following does not line up with your ideal audience you will have to make a decision.

You can create products and services for the clients you have, or you will have to be okay with them unsubscribing as you develop your services based on your ideal customer. (Some will still like what you offer and stick around.) Sometimes you can actually successfully do both.


#3 What do you have to offer them?

I will use myself for an example, as I’ve got a fairly extended professional platform and it continues to expand. I have articles, I have videos, I have books in various formats, I have webinars, I have courses, and I have live workshops. I write, teach and speak on multiple topics, all vining from my success principles and process for achieving. Everything I create emphasizes the basis of my brand – Decisiveness. Empowerment and Resiliency.

(By the way, having an extended platform means I always have content in a variety of formats to share with my fans. Click if you want to learn more about expanding your platform.)

You need to know what you already have that you can offer subscribers and know what you intend to create! (Yes, plan ahead.)

If you are just getting started this is a great time to really dig in and create some great stuff! If you’ve been going for a while but are looking to ramp up your subscribers – dig out old content – refresh it, repackage it, change the form a bit and then offer it as content upgrades or create entire email sequences out of it.

I have a nice little worksheet for you to print out and keep handy as you work on creating great content for your subscribers. 

Download the What I’ve Got to Offer worksheet now.

#4 Where are you headed?

So you have things to offer and you have a list of things you’d like to create. Where do these creations and what you provide lead you?

This relates to your purpose and focus. Everything you create can and should lead to something else (bigger and better if you can).  Yes, I am asking you to really think about what your services are and why your customers are going to want to follow you.

Here’s an example:

As a writer, most of my articles lead into a related article or video, webinar or workshop. It’s like a cookie crumb trail! Everything I create has a purpose in and of itself, and also plays a role in my overall vision for my work and brand. My followers know I tie everything into success and helping them become wiser, stronger and more capable when it comes to daily life. Even my writing and fitness topics all relate to self-improvement. My followers also know they can receive the sweet and simple or work their way into my webinars and courses which are much more in depth and involved.

They can read a quick article if they are short on time or read one of my books if they have a few hours.

If you are going to invest your time and energy into creating content for your fans – it might as well lead to bigger things (and make you a profit too).


#5 The Extras

There are tons and I mean tons of quick and easy things you can create as ‘Extras’ for subscribers. These are the content upgrades that are free. Think of them as offering someone a cookie or a nice cup of coffee. It’s hard to resist a tasty temptation. And now I’ve made you hungry for a snack.

Think of extras as quick and simple! You are asking people to divert from your original content, you are asking them for their email address in order to receive the Bonus so make sure it is simple and useful!

Time for you to go get your 20 Ways to Grow Your List this summer. Enjoy!


P.s. I went a little overboard in this article with outgoing links on purpose – to give examples of various ways and places you can include links/signups/freebies for your readers. In a normal article I try to link to 1-2 related posts readers will enjoy plus one mention of either a sign up incentive or other book/program I offer.



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