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Achieving Goals Requires an Internal Shift


Achieving Goals Requires an Internal Shift


You can read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, attend all the seminars you want, but if this one thing doesn’t happen, you won’t reach a single goal nor will you create any positive changes in the circumstances of your life. Achieving goals requires this one thing and it’s at the center of everything I teach – the internal shift.

All changes in life happen because of one of 3 Reasons

Reason #1 Ice Bucket Moments

We fail to learn life’s lessons and continue to allow life to happen to us and at some point, life will give us a wake-up call to help us have that dawning moment. I call it learning life’s basic principles for growth. How many people do you know who are living the same year over and over, or every time they seem to take two steps forward, they go sliding right back to where they were?

Then all of a sudden, they experience a personal health injury, lose a loved one, are in a car accident or some other ‘ice bucket’ ‘Wake the *** up’ moment. In an instant, they are quickly reminded they have one life to live and they better start paying attention and doing something worthwhile with their lives.

This is change reason #1 – Life Gives You a Wake-Up Call


Reason #2 Rock Bottom

We make a lot of bad decisions. Often, we make the same not so great decisions again and again – never picking up those life lessons or lightbulb moments.

The lightbulb only flickers on after hitting rock bottom. Sometimes. Often a person has to hit the same rock bottom a few times before the loose wiring tightens up and the light finally stays on. Rock bottom usually arrives when the wake-up calls life gave failed to do anything. It’s when God/the universe (whatever you believe in) finally says, “Well, they failed to get the first 100 messages I sent them to wake up and change, so here’s the last straw. If it doesn’t work – oh well.”

This is change reason #2 – Hitting Rock Bottom and having nowhere else to go but up.


Reason #3 The Internal Shift

We awaken and realize we can be and do better, that we are worth more, and we begin to believe we are capable of living life at a higher level, so we decisively begin to pursue it.

One example is a youth having a great mentor or coach who sees their potential and turns on that light for their talents. This may be someone who hates corporate life, and knows if other people can start their own business, determines they can figure it out too. This could be someone who at 40 realizes they have this one life and one body and begins to value both, giving their health a complete overhaul.

The key here is one Awakens! I think of awakened as evolving to a higher level, almost as if you found a trap door in the ceiling and you grabbed a ladder and poked your head up through that little door and you realize there is a whole different way of living going on by people right beside you. It’s like walking into a new job for the very first time, you experience an entirely new spectrum of living in this new environment.

It’s not just a lightbulb moment of ‘Hello in there? Are you going to pay attention now?’ It’s a here is the key to an entirely new way of living and being. This is awakening.

We awaken when we become exposed to higher approaches to living life. Then it is up to us and making an internal decision to venture into this new approach to life or to shrink back and climb back down that little ladder into the old life we were living.

For an awakening to happen we either must become exposed to higher levels of living (say from a mentor or being in the presence of someone more evolved) or we decide to follow intuition and curiosity and seek greater wisdom on our own.

Examples of this would be when a peer in your industry introduces you to a veteran from another industry or in following your curiosities about life you study life and people for the rest of your life.

Reason #3 – Awakening as result of seeking personal growth and desiring better. Experiencing the internal shift for change.

The Internal Shift

While the first two reasons for changing are when life itself/external conditions smack you in the face telling you to change or else. These are not actually external causes, it all still is the result of your not so great decision making and actions taken or the lack thereof. It’s the receiving of the consequences for how you’ve been living your life and your moment of change is because YOU HAVE TO CHANGE or cease to exist.

Reason for change due to awakening is the result of positive self-discovery, an intentional decisive moment to create good changes, fully aware of how you’ve been living your life and you are ready and wanting more. This change is from an internal desire for self-growth and expansion of your well-being, it is a deep internal shift.

The shift is at the core of who you are, it changes your beliefs, your values, your priorities, your thinking, decision making and the way you take action. It literally changes your approach to living and in a positive way. This shift is the difference! It is the difference in whether or not you will achieve your goals and maintain the results.

When changes happen because they are forced upon us (we gave away our power or lived in denial about how we were living) or from having to change – the results are not likely to last. You didn’t seek the change out, you didn’t desire to truly grow from within and expand yourself. With the first two reasons, you change because you realize if you don’t, you’re pretty much burnt toast and done. So, you change and along with this type of change continues much of the behavior that led to having to create the change. You fight and resist the change for a long time.

Whereas, with seeking change and experiencing that internal shift, one welcomes the change, the growth and wants those new results and experiences. This type of change embraces peace, joy, ease and relief.


Are you able to see the difference? Can you feel the difference? If not, go back and read this article from the start once more, slowly and see if you feel the differences I described.

Here’s the thing:

We live decisively.

We get to decide with everything, the approach and mindset we will have about it.

Look at the goals you’ve set. Which category of change do they fall into?

I want you to get this: Everything in life that you experience, if you dig far enough back, will stem from the decisions you’ve made. We decide each and every day what approach to life we will have. When we choose to give up the “I’ll just wait until I have a wake-up call for the 20th time” and the “Why bother I’m already at the piss bottom of the barrel” you will find life much easier to handle.

Start living decisively.

Start deciding to create positive changes from within, instead of being forced to by the circumstances you’ve either created or allowed to happen to you. Allow yourself to have the internal shift of change, it’s an enlightening and empowering experience!

If you want to achieve your goals and maintain the results – you will have to start gaining exposure to higher levels of living and actually follow through. You can’t snap the trapdoor shut and hide the ladder and pretend you never saw the light. You can try but guess what happens, yep, you get forced into changing instead of welcoming and decisively changing.

Decide your change. Decide the life you want to be living.

It’s your life, you get to choose how you live it. But once again, if you want to achieve your goals – you’ll have to learn to live it at a higher level and you’ll have to experience the internal shift.

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