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Getting Started

Getting Started

Solutions to Common Writing Questions

Getting Started

This post correlates with my EBook Focus & Value – How To Write an EBook With Focus and Value To Engage Your Audience.

In launching Focus & Value, I also created three accompanying YouTube videos that address common issues writers often have.

I worked in a large bookstore for 8 years, and have been writing for over ten. In this experience I gained a solid understanding of what books sell well compared to those that collect dust and/or get recycled and remaindered out. I also learned how to transition customers from their regular book searches and get them reading new authors in different genres. I’ve been writing and studying writing (and books/publishing) for a long time and I truly love it!

There are common factors that get applied to the content of best-selling books which enables the reader to read a best seller from cover to cover.

You can learn what these factors are and how to apply them to your writing by purchasing a copy of Focus & Value.

Today in this post I am going to talk about one of those common writer issues: “I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start?”

The most important thing you can do for yourself as a writer is to write what you enjoy reading about. If you love romance novels – write romance (for now to get started), if you love westerns – write westerns. If you love art and have knowledge and experience in art – write about art.

If you are the writer who struggles with getting started – start with what you know and love to read about and do.

The WHY is Simple:

  1. You are already passionate about it.
  2. You likely have real life experience and knowledge (nonfiction) or have experience with the flow and contents of the storyline (fiction).
  3. You’re imagination has likely already spun off a few ideas for you to play with and start writing.

The next step for you to think about is What Are Your Personal Strengths?

If you are naturally creative writing a fiction story may be best suited for you. If you are more technical and practical – approaching a nonfiction subject will be an easy start once you combine this strength with a subject you are passionate about.

I created this YouTube video in which I discuss a few more ideas to assist you in getting started on your writing project.


Do you have a specific question you’d like answered in regards the writing process? Leave me your question in the comments below.

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I will be continuing this Solutions to Common Writing Questions series. There is plenty more to come.

Sometimes writers get stuck in the process of creating an outline. They simply can’t get past the outline to begin the writing stage of their book. Here is a great article I wrote about Why I Don’t Use Outlines in writing my own books.

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