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Getting in the Arena Where Your Dreams Are


Getting in the Arena Where Your Dreams Are


When you’ve got your own back, you carry yourself through each day with confidence and with confidence comes the courage to try new things, to take little risks and a greater desire for getting into the arena you want to be in. Today, we are continuing in our series Getting Out of Your Comfort Zones and we’re discussing the importance of getting yourself inside the arena where your dreams exist.

Where Our Dreams Live

We know now, that our dreams will only become a reality for us if we are willing to shed old layers of who we have been and dare to rise up and emerge bold and daring. We know we have to let go, grow and welcome the uncomfortableness that going after our big goals contains. You know you can achieve whatever you want in life, the only one preventing it from occurring is you.

So, where do our dreams live? I want you to think of your heart and soul, the center of who you are, as a beacon emitter. Your true desires for who you want to be and what you’d like to experience in this life are real, wholly alive and waiting for you to give birth to them. The more you dare to think about your dreams and what they could be and involve, the stronger your beacon emittance is.

It’s an innate honing system, the more you begin to question the life you are living and who you can become, the brighter your light becomes. Your life is a beautiful, magnificent ship and you are the captain. Your soul (and your deepest desires) are longing for home (the arena where your dreams are).  When you think about your dreams, and really allow yourself to ponder what is within these dreams and ambitions, you are tuning in to the frequency of the lighthouse that will guide you to the right shore.

Your dreams have two ends, the first lies within the core of who you are, it is innate and pure and it will summon you quietly, patiently until you decide to listen. The second end of your dreams is the dream itself in full fruition – it is your future self, higher evolved and thriving. Like an incredible magnet, you will be tugged towards it until you find yourself face to face with it.

You know where the arena is. You look at it, hear it, and feel it calling you to come closer, to arrive. The curiosity grows until you find the courage to open a door and walk in and take a seat.

Your dreams are calling you. You have purpose, you have passion and you have talents.

The Path Leading to Your Arena

Inside that arena is where your goals are. This arena is the environment for you to learn and discover who you really are and can be. It’s the place where you are a student learning to become a Master. Inside this arena are numerous possibilities all waiting for you to form them into a reality to your liking.

But, before you can arrive at the arena you must deal with and face the only thing blocking the path there – you.

The roadblock on the path to your arena include your values, beliefs, approach for living and most important your level of self-love.

To arrive we must believe we are worthy of getting there. We have to develop the belief that we could, that we can and that we are worthy of wanting it in the first place.

Once we rise above these lower self limitations, we then face another barrier once we get there.

Imagine walking into this place where the opportunities you desire are burgeoning to create a magnificent performance with you being the star of the show. You are a talented matador and your dream is swirling around you, but first you must tackle the long-horned bull snorting in the corner, ready to charge and toss you about.

What Lies Within Your Arena

Your fears, anxieties, doubts and no way it will work are that bull running wild in the center wanting to thrash and stomp you into pieces.

For you to reach your goals you’ve got to start learning how to tame the bull.

It’s time to learn how to dance with the very things that have been holding you back!

Every time you feel nervous, grab hold of it and swing that fear around.

This is where self-learning and a desire to evolve into more than who you have been makes all the difference. Your personal growth is going to require you to step outside those comfort zones.

This is where greater self-love and self-care strengthens you and raises the bar for what you expect and receive in life. This is where you begin to rise.

Ideas for Taming the Bull

Bull fighting (getting past your fears and doubts) is not as hard as you make it out to be.

Use these ideas below to get started in building your confidence, belief and self-esteem today.

  1. Create, read, and journal affirmations that confirm your strength, resilience, beauty, ability and which provide your desired life as a present reality. In other words, how will you think, be, decide and act once you reach your goal?
  2. Start improving your levels of self-love and self-care right away. The quicker you learn to love yourself greater, the quicker everything will begin lightening up for you.
  3. Welcome and embrace learning, growth and change. This is what is required of you by your dreams.
  4. Enjoy life as it is now. Embrace who and where you have been. Activities like journaling gratitude and blessings will help you find peace and balance here today, and you need this peace in order to see the path the beacons are lighting up for you to take.
  5. Begin building your courage and confidence. You have made it in life this far! Use a list of accomplishments to have on hand for a quick boost and realization of how strong and talented you are.


Connecting the Dots

As you learn to tame the bulls in your life (those fears and doubts) you will learn something that is pretty awesome – there wasn’t really anything or anyone standing between you and the life you desire – ever. Your arena is not a rodeo and you aren’t there to fight bulls at all. Your arena is filled with beauty, life, passion and enthusiasm and you are there so you can shine.

This dawning moment will also change you. You’ve been in the arena where you dreams live for a while and you’ve created it. You realize this arena is meant for you and only you and there is no competition. Nobody has your talents, experience or purpose exactly as you do.

You DO own the place.

The arena is your life!

You put up the sign out front on what your show (life) is all about. You declare what talents and spectacles visitors (bystanders and those receiving your gifts) get to witness and experience. You are the director of it all and you get to call the shots.

This discovery is the most incredible feeling! When you’ve gotten yourself into the arena and out from hiding in the seats in the rafters, the only thing you want is to be up on the stage.

You know that center stage is where you are meant to be and the longer you are in the arena (mind you, you still have to show up to the arena every day), the more your courage and confidence grows.

Soon you just gather your skirt, put on some heels, skip up the steps, grab a microphone and start rocking out.

You wonder why the heck it took you this long to seek out your dreams. You wonder with dismay at why you put off getting to the arena for so many years. You find it amusing you hid in the shadowy corners because you didn’t want to be noticed or be seen as a newbie.

You’re up on that stage, living your dreams and providing lovely performances every day and it feels wonderful. You are so grateful, so thankful that you decided one day to simply believe it’d be okay to dream. You are relieved that you dared to believe you were worthy of going for it. You cannot imagine life any other way that doing what you know you are meant to be doing with your life.

Daring to Dream

Honey, you’ve got to understand this: Your life is as it is because of the way you decide to live it!

There are no more excuses and blame to be handed out like Halloween candy.

You are owning up to you!

Let the desires of your heart emerge.

Dare to let yourself dream bigger.

Get into the arena.

Sneak in through a back door and hide in a corner if that is all the courage you can muster.

Just get in there!

Take ACTION Today!

Get yourself one step closer to where you want to be.

Stop holding everyone else in some spotlight of royalty.

You are equivalent to everyone else. They are no better or less than you.

Everyone has the same potential and ability to rise in life, the only difference is that some people DECIDE to rise while most DECIDE to stay the same.

Your goals are out there waiting for you show up.

Your purpose is waiting for you to believe in your worth and value in this world.

Your soul is begging you to set it free.

The core of who you are wants to soar and rise!

Stop waiting for another day or a better time, when you might have more energy or money or people may need you less.

You are not here to live for everyone else.

You are alive here and now because you are meant to live for you!

So, what step of action are you going to take today?

Write it down. In Big Bold Letters!

Then I want you to commit to taking that step of action today. I don’t care if you hide behind insecurities until 11:59pm tonight.

Just do it.

If  you want your dreams to become reality, you’ll have to get into the arena in which they live.

Once you arrive at the arena, you’ll have to open that door, enter and let life know you’ve arrived, you’re ready.


I mentioned greater self-love and self-care as being the foundation for our dreams.

You can sign up for our free Learning to Love Me series on self-love below.

I want to Learn to Love Me better!

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