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Fueling The Fire Within

Fueling The Fire Within


Inside every woman is an inner desire to be self-empowered. This is fuel for the fire within!

I am like many other women, trying to make sense of just who we are, who we must be, and who we want to be.

We try to maintain (or find) ourselves beyond the roles of motherhood and being a good wife. Roles that very much define an important part of who we are yet remain just a sliver of our identities as the women we are deep inside.

As we grow older and settle deeper into the roles we’ve chosen and walk further down the path towards maturity, there is a mixed blessing of joy and contentment intertwined with longing and confusion. Surely we can be more than who we must be and find ways to step into who we want to become.

Amidst the child rearing, caretaking of home and loved ones, and current employment status (whatever that entails), is a passion, a curiosity, a daring need to simply rise above it all and just see – who is that woman in the reflection of that window?

While our love for motherhood and our other half grows with every season, we must remember to keep that inner light alive, the fire burning brightly.

We must make time for ourselves, to laugh, to play, to aspire, and simply to recharge.

Oh, how important it is to cherish just what it is that sets us apart!

Diapers and homework and dishes and heaping basketfuls of smelly clothes – these things cannot overwhelm and takeover our every thought or minute of each day.

Your honey’s lunches and random tasks put upon you unannounced can be set aside. The kiddo’s can be sent to another room to play. That housework – it can sit still every Monday.

If you can begin to understand, that when you place all else above you, you will begin to lose her. That woman within, the one who likes her cappuccino from the café on the corner, who enjoys meandering through craft shows and despises the way someone parks her car in the garage.

As a woman you must go beyond to find that balance. You must claim yourself worthy of being yourself and not getting lost in the midst of who you must be. You can be more than just a mom or his wife. There is more to living this one life than endless carpooling and mountains of laundry. Learn to say no and stand firmly behind anything that rebuilds and cherishes you.  

Explore your passions. Make time for the hobby that you set aside to do arts and crafts projects. Let him go to bed while you stay up late building something that is purely yours. Let the kids sort themselves out every Tuesday night, let them have turkey and cheese with Cheetos and juice boxes and make a gigantic mess.

Listen to that spirit that resides inside. See that inner beauty, let this woman out and feel what it feels like to be free.


A little fuel to feed that fire within!


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