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To have focus is to hear and see and think and function wholly on who it is you are becoming.

It is to let life and others be. It is experiencing the freedom that this brings to you.

What others say and do is of no concern to you. Repeat that over and over in your mind.

If someone stands before you tell them to get out of your way – politely. And work.

Work with all the discipline and diligence and passion that you can put into your efforts.

It matters none what others are doing or saying, if it is about you or the moon. While others are standing still watching and talking and mocking…

You are step by step moving forward. You are climbing up hour by hour, day by day.

At certain points in time, you can pause briefly, to evaluate just where you are, how far you have come, and looking ahead and at what is next.

Rest assured, those others you use to be concerned about, they are right where you left them, still standing, talking, and mocking. Leave others in your dust.

Your work, the one you will become – requires every bit of focus you can apply.

Let go. Breathe. Focus.

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  1. Reply Sharon

    This was very peaceful to read. Made me think of being in a spa with soft music and candles. Sorry if that sounds corny! Lol

    1. Reply Nicolette Brink

      Thank you!

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