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Bonus #1 Step By Step Action Plan

Your Step By Step Action Plan to guide you through the process of creating your book from start to finish and all the way to publishing as an EBook.

Step By Step Action Plan

Bonus #2 100 + Words to Engage Your Reader

Utilize this great list of 100 + Action Words to Engage Your Readers and amplify your book’s content.

100 + Words to Engage Your Reader

More useful tips to boost your writing process!

How to Create a Book That Sells!

How to Start and Finish Writing Your Book

Why I Don't Use Outlines

Outlines Writing

Writers are of all different sorts, backgrounds and utilize individual writing styles. I know many who swear by outlines, making and completing them before they begin writing the book itself. Many writers never get to the actual point of writing their books because they are dead set on insisting they have to have a polished outline.

For Every Critic and Supporter


The thing is – it is just an article. It may or may not represent the writer’s true beliefs and life practices. In fact – great writers can write about hot issues from viewpoints completely different than their own opinions.

There will always be supporters to all sides of issues. There will always be critics to all sides of issues.

The Process of Getting Published


The industry has changed (and it continues to change quickly) from hand held books to kindles and e-books. Technology has changed the whole concept and process.

No longer do writers just send out their work and find an agent who sells their books to publishers.

Today, the author has to hold many jobs beyond simply writing.

The Difference – Writers Who Succeed vs. Those Who Quit

I see this difference all the time, in fact I can sum up pretty quickly if you will be the writer who quits after putting in little effort and the one who continues to raise the bar both with their writing and their efforts for growing as an author.

It’s everywhere on social media, writers saying something like “I’ve queried 25 agents and nothing. But I have published an Ebook and sold 100 copies. Or 1,000. Go figure.”

If you want to make it as a writer you’ve got to grow beyond just one line of thinking – only being published traditionally, or simply tossing your book out as an ebook and doing nothing else.


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