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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday


Welcome to Five Things Friday!

Here is where I get amused and share with readers.

1. Just because the day might be going rough doesn’t mean you can sit down and cry or give up. Well you could. Or you could get up off your pity party, seize the day, go with the flow, still achieve quite a darn bit actually, and find yourself with more energy than most days.

2. I love it when life provides me with fabulous blog topics! Like the kind that leave you shaking your head in disbelief and really glad you didn’t waste much time on that.

3. Life is truly about how you decide to live it. Some people are thrown off their rocker by the littlest of sneezes while others build and conquer through their day while handling enough S*T for a dozen people. It is all how you decide you will live each and every day. Weak or Powerful? Lazy or determined? Moronic or intelligent? At one extreme or peacefully balanced?

4. Did you know that milk in Canada comes in bags? No I am serious! Read this  blog post by The Caffeinated Canadian Mom– it’s a riot! Now I want to visit Canada to make sure she was serious.

5. Be easily amused. It makes life that much better! Also be willing to let things go. Sometimes it’s not worth it. Unless you can’t help it and have to put people in their place. Then it helps to know martial arts. Never throw a strike at an idiot – you’d be surprised at their dumb luck. Hah.

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Comments (4)

  1. Reply Sarah

    Thanks for the shoutout!
    I assure you its all true and more! Lol.

  2. Reply Kristen

    The milk bag post!? LOVE it!!

  3. Reply Melinda

    This is a great list.

    I especially connect with the first point. I have spent two summers treeplanting (planting trees in the forest after logging) and you get paid by how many trees your plant. While treeplanting I literally have sat down, cried, and made no more money for the rest of the day (treeplanting is tough. You’re carrying the huge weight of the trees on your hips, sometimes its really hot out or raining, and sometimes you’re just tired). Learning to pick yourself up on a bad day and to just keep going is a skill that in my opinion needs to be learned. Especially for people that have high expectations of themselves, I think that learning that sometimes “good-enough” is okay and that you can’t let days where you don’t beat records shut you down.

    Also, I am Canadian. I have never seen milk in a bag. It has always come in jugs. Maybe that is an East Coast thing.

    1. Reply Nicolette Brink

      You lug trees around! Ouch, sounds like hard work. I bet you have strong arms! lol about the milk. and Thanks!

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