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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday


Welcome to Five Things Friday!

A great place to kick back and kick off your weekend with humor and a splash of success!

I intended to create Five Things Friday last Friday, but I’ve been busy. So here is what I would have wrote last Friday.

1. And by busy I mean busy with life, not getting to be productive on my goals and ambitions. There is a difference. I always try to plan ahead while being flexible with what comes up. Most of March seemed to be spent taking care of little things that added up a lot, phone calls, emails, letters, errands, sign ups for activities, appointments etc. And none of it had to do with my work. So frustrating. A couple times I wanted to cry. For someone who values time and energy highly, dealing with people who seriously don’t have respect for anyone else can be incredibly upsetting. But I held my own, kept my chin up and have sailed through it. Thank God I got to get back to my agenda this week.

2. Have you ever received such terrible service from a business that you truly just absolutely cannot let it go. Like you must speak with their CEO and bash their heads in and give them a talking to. Like total Mama Bear Mode on them and put them in their frickin place? Yea, that is what I have been dealing with lately. I’ve struggled with the question of would it even be worth it? Probably not. Yet, I had to waste so much of my time just trying to get something very simple taken care. It feels like a lose/lose situation.

3. Karma. I believe in it. What you send out into the world will come back at ya like a boomerang. I’m usually a pretty nice person. Even in situations like above, I can make it very clear I am not happy or satisfied while remaining professional. Then I wonder – what did I do to receive this? : / Then I realize maybe they had done wrong to someone one else and I am the karma returning to them that the wronged person prayed for to come calling and fix things. So I always try to put out good. Nobody is perfect. But no seriously, I try to send out good vibes. So think about what you are sending out there into this big, big world. If karma is going to return to you…how do you want it returned? By a cute little kid, your neighbor or friend, a ticked off success writer who will make you own up and grow up, or a crazy, mean ex-con? Yep, I would choose the cute kid too!

4.  I ran my first 5k for the year. The first time I did one just for fun, with no real goal in mind for a finishing time. The last 5k I did was last May, I had PR’d my best ever by 4 minutes! That’s huge. So I just wanted to see where I am with my running. For pretty much coasting through it, I came fairly close to that PR, like if I had actually tried I would have crushed it. And Placed! I’ve never medaled before. And I could have! lol Sometimes it’s nice though to just do things for fun and not be competitive with anyone or yourself. And I did have fun! It was a nice, quiet run on a beautiful spring morning.

5. To sum this all up, take away these things into your weekend and start next week off on the right foot:  Work hard and stay focused on what your work actually is. That daily effort adds up. In fact, it adds up so well that even when you decide to coast your effort will still pay off and well. It’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to unleash the wrath on people who really have it coming. But mostly try to put out good energy and treat people well right off the get go. What you do put out into the world will come back to you, and if you are continually putting in good quality effort, you will reap a great harvest. So this next week, focus in on what you are wanting to work on, let life happen but try to make some progress daily. Let people and things be, time moves on and so do we. Are you ready to receive the results of your hard work?

Have a fabulous Weekend!

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