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Fit Mama + Hiatus + Brownie Batter

Fit Mama + Hiatus + Brownie Batter

Two weeks into the new year and I have nailed it. I have accomplished, um, nilch!

Mind you I intentionally took two weeks off at the end of 2014 (saved my butt actually when both kids came down with the flu during the holidays). I knew it was going to be busy, and sticking to any schedule while the kids and hubs were off school/work just wasn’t going to happen. So I enjoyed taking two weeks off. Yes, it did drive me crazy. All I wanted to do was work and workout. I did, a little, but without any goals in mind.


So here is how the last four weeks have been in my life. Sick kid #1 (insert serious lack of sleep. why can’t kids throw up during the day and not at night?) Little one got better just in time for big brother to catch that flu bug too. (Insert a second week of playing eww gross time for the umpteenth load of laundry).

The return back to school lasted a whopping day. Yep. Blasted sub zero temps and a dump load of snow and the kids were out of school the rest of the week. Now…I should explain. My kids are both in preschool, across the hall from each other in the same building. When there is a two hour late start, the younger one still has pre-k two hours later. The older one does not.

Since it is my duty to teach my children common sense (apparently some else didn’t think this two hour delay thingamajig through), there was no way I’m dragging the youngest child out in the cold and wind for school when the older one doesn’t have school. It totally boggled my common sense mind. And try explaining this concept to the kids themselves. So they didn’t have school that whole week. (In the end it was fine, this is where I added a third week of no set schedule or productivity.) And as added bonus, it was too damn cold for Mama Bear to take her claws out of her mittens and unleash some “Does anyone in charge have an ounce of common sense?”

And then comes this last week…all are healthy, all are in work and school, the sun is out, it has even reached 10 degrees outside. And fit mama bear is sick! Oh…I tried…I really did. After two weeks of a Lysoled house, taking extra vitamins, and being careful, this mama got sick. With something else. I went to the gym for a normal run and couldn’t make it a mile! (yes, this is mortifying). I didn’t feel sick sick, just wore out. Two days later, I tried my boxing class and had to quit halfway through! (so much more mortifying) Here I was, with all these out of shape newbies and they outlasted me. In truth, I knew right then and there when I had to sit down in the middle of class that I was fighting something off as this is not like me at all. I usually have energy left over after class, I even work out twice the same day on a regular basis. And low and behold, woke up the next day with this lovely hacking chest cold.

And that is why the first two weeks of my new year have been totally not productive. I will admit I have made progress, with my work. And it is times like these when even the fit and healthy catch a bug here or there (I don’t remember the last time I was sick) when rest and staying in bed all day is the best thing for you (I’d call it progress in some form). But my January goals…muhahahaha. Yep. I have to redo them.

And regardless of whatever adjustments I make to my goals, when it comes to making brownies, the goals are irrelevant. This Fit Mama works hard, plays hard, and loves a lot. And I’m pretty sure there is potent healing power in licking the bowl. (kids get the spoon) Amen for delicious brownie batter.

Did you know that? It is ok to redo your goals. Successful people do it all the time, we make minor adjustments to everything we do, daily. We are capable of doing so much more than we realize, it is ok to have a rough month, or get behind a little. So long as you keep your chin up, your eyes on reaching that goal (if takes a little longer – meh), and remain flexible in how you go about getting there, you will.

So for those of you also struggling to get going, whether you are just making excuses and being lazy, or you’ve been wearing your superman(woman) costume a lot lately and are just behind. Here is my go to list for a little pick me up:

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