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Finding The Right Challenge

Finding The Right Challenge

The Increasing Challenges of Being a Fit Mom

 Part II – Finding the Right Challenge

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If you read Part I of The Increasing Challenges of Being a Fit Mom series, or you are simply a fit mom, you know the struggle of finding a gym that meets your needs (like quality childcare and realistic hours) and your family’s – it’s a miracle.

This is about the challenge in finding fitness pursuits that are actually challenging. This post may not be about you (yet), but stay with me anyways. You may find yourself wearing the same pair of shoes someday.

The truth is any Mom who has officially deemed herself worthy and valuable enough to venture into living a healthier, stronger lifestyle faces this struggle at some point. For most, it’s in the beginning.

The beginner is the one who regardless of current weight and health status is starting out from ground zero. It’s all new, daunting and scary. Until you get your butt to show up a few times and the nerves fade a bit and you find a bit of courage to smile and say hi to the gal next to you.

Then it starts to become easier, your body adjusts and begins to build strength, endurance, and ability.

You even begin to enjoy this thing called working out and working hard. The challenge for the beginner is on every level, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Perhaps you are one who is somewhat in shape, or returning to the gym after a few years away or you might even workout a few times a week. Your thing might be running, or yoga or Zumba. You’ve done it for a while. It may still bring you some challenges physically, but the zeal has worn itself out. Your challenge now – finding something else that sparks your interest. You need something new and different to give your mind and body a different kind of challenge. Insert that half marathon, a mud run, hot yoga, Crossfit etc. Anything that is different than anything you’ve tried before and sounds like fun and puts you back into beginner’s mode.

And then there is the real challenge. When you are very fit, very strong, with a high threshold for pushing yourself as hard as you can as long as you can and you thrive off of it. Because you are a mom time is limited. You need maximum intensity, maximum output not in a three hour run or a five hour bike ride but in an hour or hour and half – because that is what you have.

This is the challenge – finding a class (or sporting practice) that challenges you – the very fit mom.

It is not about the person leading the classes. For most instructors they have one main objective – meeting everyone in the classes needs. And more often than not – those participants are in the beginner or intermediate level. And when you lead 20+ people in a class, yes people are going to slip through the cracks. And those unlucky ones are usually the ones in the best shape and wanting the biggest challenge.

Take a moment and think about extreme sports. Most extreme sports are individual participants. Sure they come together to compete but to train?

It’s difficult to find training partners on the same level of ability and crazy as they are. Same goes for the uber fit mama.

With our Mommy work/life balance struggles, finding a training partner and fitness class/program that fits into uber fit mom’s schedule and also guarantees pushing her to the red line every time … it’s a challenge to find one that exists!

While we understand and respect the fitness leaders of the classes/events we participate in, we also long for something more. A class/exercise that will really push us and test our limits mentally, emotionally and physically. Something that will make us feel like beginners again. Leaving us near tears, wondering if we can do it, and maybe having us crawling out the doors.

This perhaps is why there has been a rise in female triathletes, Spartan race participants and women merging into male dominated sports.

We as women are realizing we capable of becoming and doing so much more with our bodies and being a mother only adds to the amazing things we can accomplish.

So there it is – the second and perhaps surprising challenge of being a Fit Mom. Finding a workout/class that actually challenges the uber Fit Mom.

When you combine this challenge with my first fit mom struggle – finding an adequate gym that meets a fit momma’s needs – you can understand now why some women you see at the gym are unleashing their inner (beautiful) beast.

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