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Am I Doing Everything I Can Today?

Am I Doing Everything I Can Today?


 Am I Doing Everything I Can?

Asking this question will dramatically change your perspective on life and the way your approach your goals, “Am I doing Everything I Can today in order to create the life I want to be living tomorrow?”

For many of us, it can feel like we are peddling as fast and hard as we can but we aren’t getting anywhere and certainly not very fast. The reason is we are not giving our energy and focus to the right activities that will actually create and get us closer to living the life we dream of.

Let us talk about the starting blocks.

This is where many get hung up on insecurities, fear, worry, doubt, lack of belief, not knowing where and how to begin. Is this you? It’s okay if you answered yes.

Here is where you need to start – clarify your vision for your life and who you want to be. This IS the starting block.

If you don’t take the time to get incredibly decisive about your answers to:

Where do I want to go?

Who do I want to become?

What am I going to do once I am there?

Why do I want to become that person and what is the why behind my vision? What’s my purpose?

Then you will not get far and you will end up down the wrong path.

Your starting block is the reason for going in the first place, it is also the fuel (your why) that will drive you forwards at a solid, steady pace.

For more information and to learn about lining up your goals with your life passions and purpose click here.


Why am I not making much progress?

Are you asking yourself this question often?  Maybe you’ve figured out how to get going, and you are going, but you just aren’t getting there either.  This can be beyond frustrating. It’s like you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is you need to be doing to actually get your desired results.

You’ve got work ethic, you’ve got the desire, you are putting in effort!

If this is you – here is some insight into how to actually start making real progress.

Stumbling around in this phase of pursuing goals is common and it is because most people follow common concepts of how to go about it. That right there is your problem. Highly successfully people rise above the rest because they approach goals and life differently than everyone else. There is nothing common about it.

So Step One – start devouring everything you can about highly successful people (books, audio, podcasts, find a mentor/master).  

Highly successful people pursue and make everything a learning opportunity.

If you aren’t seeing results or real progress – you still have important concepts to learn and/or apply! Remember you have to apply what you are learning!

Too many people give up at the first sign of failure (whereas highly successful people use as failure as a learning step). Even more don’t understand that to achieve anything in life we have learn, grow and change.

You can’t get over there by staying as you are right here.

Figure out what isn’t working well or at all and start learning everything you can about it. Learn as many ways as you can to go about it. There is no one right way that will work for everyone. We must dabble and work the madness to find the method that will work right for us. (This is because we each have our own purpose in life to combine with our unique set of strengths and talents.)

Step Two – Is to have a wakeup call!

If you are actively engaging in learning about what it is you are wanting to do and become and are not seeing good results – it is likely because you are holding on too tightly to who you’ve been. Achieving goals requires us to learn (we covered that), grow and change. If you are putting out resistance and doubt/fear into your work – you are preventing the growth that your goal requires from you. It is okay to feel discomfort as you grow – it takes time for what is new to become the new normal. Growth often feels a little awkward until we acclimate to it.

We must let go of everything we’ve previously held onto so adamantly and embrace growth and change!

We can recognize these moments of potential growth because they are just beyond every negative thought and emotion that pops up when we are going about trying to make progress.

Feel worry? Don’t pull back. Dive in, throw some punches, get dirt under your nails and sweat your way through those thoughts of doubt and worry and find out what is really behind it.

Nervous? Anxious? This is your inner spirit telling you that there is an opportunity for you to step out and grow and get better.

Terrified to make that next move? Why? What is the worst that could happen? Think about that answer for a moment. Now switch over into the shoes of a highly successful person’s mindset when it comes to fear.

  “Every no is a chance to learn. Every no means that what is in my best interest and what will work best for me (and my mission) is just ahead. Every no is still an experience to add under my belt. Every no is a chance for me to practice a refocus session. What is my vision? Where am I going? Who am I becoming? Why? Every no is another step forward in clarity and a step closer to the right yes.”

Anything that may be holding you back, anything that is not working right, any moment in which you are able to ask yourself better questions – gets you going with greater clarity, intention, focus and determination.

So if you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere or fast enough – stop. Start asking yourself real questions. Make sure the path you are on will actually get you to your destination. Make sure that you are continuing to learn the knowledge/skills/experience that your goal does require from you. Make sure that you are embracing and allowing yourself to actually change into the person you want to become.


Who Can I Become?

The answer to that question is simple. You can become whoever you decide to become.

Of the number of people who manage to achieve a good sized goal, (running a big race, losing a lot of weight, getting that promotion, becoming debt free, meeting that special person) very few ever go on to achieve another big goal. In fact, many people who achieve their first big goal lose the results and rewards of that achievement within the following year.

The reason? They never stop and ask, “Who can I really become?”

When is the last time you asked yourself, “Who could I really become? What is the biggest life I can envision for myself?”

The key and big difference between the successful person (someone who has managed to achieve in one aspect of life) and those who are highly successful (are successful in multiple aspects of life) is this very question. Highly successful people are always testing their souls and wondering just who they could become and just how big of a life they could be living. They never stop questioning, wondering, believing and putting forth right effort to creating that life and becoming the kind of person that life requires them to be.

Another secret to achieving multiple goals with ease – once you learn the process for achieving one big goal you can easily apply the process to any other goal. This is what highly successful people do. Big achievers utilize every lesson from every goal they’ve gone after. Every no or misstep or moment that made them redefine their vision and goal – they make the most of it and know that it will help them along down the road.


Success requires us to:

1.      Know who we want to become, where we want to go and the why behind both.

2.      Every goal we could ever set, every result we want to keep, requires us to: Learn, Grow and Change along the way.

3.      Continue expanding our mindset and the vision we have for our lives.


Would you like to learn more about the process for achieving goals consistently? Click here for more on this process.



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