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For Every Critic and Supporter

For Every Critic and Supporter

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The thing is -whatever you just read, it may or may not represent the writer’s true beliefs and life practices. In fact – great writers can write about hot issues from viewpoints completely different than their own opinions.

There will always be supporters to all sides of issues. There will always be critics to all sides of issues.

A reader’s opinion is just that – an opinion. Just like the writer behind the article – what is written may or may not be their personal preference, style or belief.

To be honest – the more reaction an article gets – proves one of my points clearly. People get worked up a lot –over little. People make quick decisions based on their emotional reactions to things that they are sensitive to.

Success in life requires a person to set aside their own opinions and beliefs and weigh decisions based on the direct results of those decisions. When it comes to hot topics – often the hoopla is because people are failing to do this.

People want everything sugar coated, holding their hands and making them feel good. But doing this often leads people astray from the truth and the reality of their situations. People don’t want to feel judged against or less than.

But the truth is – success and life doesn’t care what you feel. It simply responds to the decisions you make. Life gives you direct results for your decisions.

I love to observe how people react to hot issues. Do they simply hop to the favorite side? Do they go along with the side of their family and friends just because? Do they walk full circle around the issue to truly discover and learn as much as they can before making their decision of what they agree with and why?

I like finding out why people decide and do what they do and the thought process behind it.

So if you follow me – hold on tight. Over the coming years I will be finding great topics and spinning them to intentionally make people uncomfortable. That is to make people have to think – about what they believe and why they do what they do.

You can decide to support me or have a hoot and howl all you’d like about what I write.

I will keep on writing.

The purpose of my writing isn’t to sugar coat everything for you and hold your hand. As a family member and friend of course! But as a writer, no. The point behind my writing to is help you learn to build yourself more strength and resilience. I teach empowerment. And that starts with learning how to think clearly and live decisively.

As for those critics – if they take offense to what you write about and the way you do it – it is only a reflection of what is going on inside their minds and it has nothing to do with you.

Nobody can offend or shame others!

Only weak minds use ‘offensive and shame’ as daggers because they feel weak inside and are unwilling to create positive changes in their lives.

If your mind is strong you don’t care what others think and say. You are mature enough to let them be and do their own thing. You are wise enough to know you are responsible for you, what you think and how you feel and what you do. And as writers, our duty is observe and reflect upon the world around us. It is our mission to write in ways that move people (how they move is up to them). So…

For my fellow Writers and Bloggers – Stick to Your Truth!

Write what you are meant to write.

You personal experiences and wisdom is needed in the world and nobody can say what you have to say the way that you can.

Be you.

Be unique.

Be fearless.

Write and make people think.

Make people laugh.

Make the day a little better for others. 

And Take Risks.

Believe in the power of great writing.

It changes lives.

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