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Am I Doing Enough? (Motherhood & Exercise Part II)

Am I Doing Enough? (Motherhood & Exercise Part II)

“Am I Doing Enough?”

 It’s the sequel to Motherhood & Exercise – It’s My Me Time.


If you read my first article about being a Mommy and how I utilize exercise as “Me Time,”  you might cherish that quality workout time for the same reasons. For me, there is more to that workout time and it’s embedded in just what it means to be a Mom. Either during or after a workout, I sometimes wonder, “Am I Doing Enough?”

On a personal level – Am I doing enough? Am I pushing my body hard enough to require it to become stronger, quicker and more agile? Am I doing enough to give myself a challenge? Will I be able to keep this up and for how long? Will I get to be like that 45 year old woman still running marathons or one of the 70 something year old ladies in my boxing class? What did they do to still be able to move that well as they aged? Can I do it to?

Along with the question of am I doing enough to prolong good health, am I doing enough in the mental aspect to push past limits and overcome fears? Just what am I willing to do to try new adventures for fun or for the challenge, maybe both? Will I have the courage to follow through with signing up for that marathon or Spartan race? Would I be able to get over my fear of swimming in murky waters and not being able to see what is also swimming near my feet to do a triathlon? Could I believe in myself enough to do some athletic event that is bold and crazy?

As a woman and a mom – Am I Doing Enough?

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  1. Reply Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    All of these considerations an long term health goals are amazing! You are also being a great role model for your kids too!!

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