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Enjoying The Holidays

Enjoying The Holidays

Happy Holidays!    3205bd18a45e2bf27ba360c90b53d6b8

Winding down week one of a two week vacation from being on purpose and intentional (goal oriented) with the things I love (other than my family) – Writing and Working Out.

I’ve gotten a few runs in this week and I’ve eaten a few too many cookies! Would you believe I receive some cookies that were made out of coffee!!! Throw a little protein powder into the recipe and I have a new breakfast food! lol  Just Kidding. (Maybe!)

Truly have experienced our best Christmas yet, so very blessed.

I think I’ve spent all of 5 seconds each day this week checking my website to make sure it is still functioning and am so happy to say that Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. is still holding on tight to #9 spot in Health & Fitness over at TopMommyBlogs. And I’m now up to #209 overall. I would love to reach top 3 in Health & Fitness soon, please keep voting for me (click on button below)! Thanks!

*Many new articles are all set for January – be sure to keep checking back for some great motivation to kick off those New Year’s Goals!

Here’s more about my End of Year Two Week Vacation From Being Focused.

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