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Radiate Energy + Enthusiasm


Radiate Energy + Enthusiasm

If you are ready to begin building a mindset to achieve, you have to position yourself, your mind and how you approach life to succeed. It is also imperative that we raise our energy to match the energy of being one who has reached and is living out our goals!

Whether it’s a little goal, a big goal or a crazy dream.

You have to line up with it. We have to rise up to it spiritually, mentally, physically and energetically.

You will have to start living ENTHUSIASTICALLY for your life!

You will have to embrace learning, setting your current self aside (because that obviously isn’t bringing you the success you desire), and let go of who you have been in order to step up and into the person you’d like to be.

You create your own results, for everything about yourself and in your life.

Achieving goals and reaching the heights of success requires you to embrace opportunities – and create them. We have to change (grow) into the person capable of living life at this higher-level post goal achieved.

Tipping Life in Your Favor

Real changes in the external factors of our life, our surroundings and the material aspects, occurs when we have a real need deep inside to change. I call these pivotal life moments “Ice Buckets.” It is when we personally hit rock bottom or suddenly awaken to how it is we really have been going about life, or life itself swoops in and knocks us on our butt giving us that wake-up moment.

To really create long term, positive changes in your life – it requires a change in your conviction. Conviction is that deep, soul level part of your being where you make decisions from. It’s more than what you believe and agree with. It’s where your right or wrong, yes’s and no’s come from. You can read more about this lasting type of change in Creating the Shift Within.

It’s when you just cannot go on living life the way you have been – you’ve reached a pivotal moment in which you know and acknowledge that something has got to change.

When we have these moments, when we acknowledge at the soul level that we are better than that which we have been, and we can become something more and brighter – this is when we begin tipping life in our favor. The tipping occurs first at the soul level – we change and improve our convictions – the approach we have towards life.

The more we focus on building this new and better approach, the quicker we begin to see and experience the positive changes we are longing for in our outer circumstances.

Energy + Enthusiasm

Everything we are and do gives out a specific level and kind of energy. If things in your life aren’t flowing harmoniously it is likely due to the kind of energy you’ve been functioning at.

It’s time to RAISE IT!

When you are vibrant, excited about your day and week, and truly feel alive and passionate about what you are doing… I mean just read that again. The difference in energy and enthusiasm is huge! It makes a difference for you and for how you experience life.

Ways We Can Change Our Energy

If you can raise your energy level even just a little bit, you will feel better on every level. This is why successful people tend to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. They are lifting their physical energy levels higher and require more from their bodies and the result is a change in the chemicals within the body that stimulate the mind and emotional state. It’s a change in energy.

This is why incorporating a daily quiet hour of peace, reflection, and affirming your desired state gives you a revitalized and relaxed state physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the re-balancing time where you are either raising low energy levels and your enthusiasm (outlook), or you are intentionally lowering high stressful energy levels back to a state of calm and peacefulness.

Another way to enhance your enthusiasm and energy is to focus on your blessings, this gives you a mental shift from lack to abundance and relief.

            A shift in physical energy will create a change in mental and emotional energy.

            A shift in mental energy will create a change in physical and emotional energy.

    A shift in spiritual energy (what lies in back of everything you are and do) will be reflected in your mental, emotional and physical energies.

 A positive shift at the soul level (your approach for living, beliefs and convictions, wisdom and level of self-evolving), will immediately and directly raise the energy level and enthusiasm in every ounce of your being.

We can also improve our energy by exercising, meditating, getting outside, listening to relaxing or upbeat music, reading a good book, calling a cheerful friend, journaling, and indulging in our hobbies.

Let’s Look at Our Reflection

Go and quickly take a look in the mirror or take a distant selfie. How do you look? I’m not talking about your hair and makeup. How does your energy read?

Do you look happy? Do you look strong and healthy? Do you look determined and capable? Do you look peaceful and content? Do you look filled with joy and passion for your life?

Do you look like you have energy and enthusiasm for this day?

When we cross paths with someone who is confident and charismatic we notice and pay attention. We think “Wow, they’ve got it.” What they’ve got isn’t materialistic. What they have and are exhibiting that you desire and are attracted to is high levels of inner energy and enthusiasm!

The result of being one with lots of energy and enthusiasm for life is Confidence and Courage.

It’s All a Choice!

We decide every day what kind of approach we will have for the day!

If you’ve been living indecisively and passively, you probably weren’t even aware of how you approach the day until now. That’s okay. Now you are paying closer attention and this means you can begin to direct your energy and day differently.

Now nobody is perfect. We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed once in a while. But when this happens, the day doesn’t have to stay that way. We all experience an energy slump at some point in the day.

The key is to recognize your energy levels and get ahead of them.

Most of us have a regular daily or weekly routine. You know when you need more energy and alertness, confidence and go juice. It’s when you are reaching for caffeine, distractions from work that doesn’t intrigue you and you get lazy (like watching tv or scrolling on your phone).

I’m a slow to wake up in the morning, my brain just doesn’t bounce out of bed like my kids and husband do. In fact, the more energy they start the day with, the crankier I feel! Lol  Are you with me on that?

To get ahead of and start my days out well, on the right note, I intentionally set my energy and enthusiasm for the day. In between getting the kids ready for the day, I drink my cup of coffee, I read a chapter of a good up lifting book, and I do affirmations. I try to spend a few minutes visualizing how I want my day to go, and thinking how good I am going to feel reaching my goals for the month, what that looks like and how my life will have improved. This sets me up mentally and emotionally for a good day. It raises my energy level and enthusiasm for the day.

You can do any of the activities I listed earlier at any time of the day.

*Whenever you know you will experience an energy slump, block out the hour before it (or even 15 minutes) for your ‘You’ time. 

Your energy and enthusiasm for your life is a DECISION!

You decide, oh yes, you do!

You decide how your day will go and what approach you will give it. You get to decide on your energy level and how much enthusiasm and passion you will carry throughout the day.

It’s your life and how you want to live it is up to you. How would you really like to experience life?

Life Bends in Favor of Energy & Enthusiasm

Have you ever met someone who seems to have a magic wand and turns everything they touch to gold?

There is no magic wand but there is truth in this. Recall that confident magnetic person we described earlier. Of course, we are drawn to them!

They exhibit lots of high energy and enthusiasm, they radiate and shine with life!

Try thinking of your energy and enthusiasm as a headlight that is permanently on as you go about your day. It’s an energy light. The higher, brighter more vibrant your energy is, the further out your light shines and radiates before you. Your energy does precede you. Higher enthusiastic energy does open doors for you, it’s like a plant on a window sill that leans in to soak up all the sun’s rays.

We all want more light (life and energy) and we are naturally drawn to it.

So is everything else in life, since it is all energy, literally, if you are radiating vibrancy and enthusiasm life is going to open up to you to soak in what you are giving out. Life will actually begin to open up and work in your favor. The more open you are (higher energy you give out), the more you can receive back in.

Do this as a visualization exercise this week while going about your day. Pretend that your headlight has a brightness slider that you are decisively in control of. Practice radiating out love, sunshine, energy, passion, enthusiasm and gratitude. Practice dimming and brightening your light and see it preceding you and opening up doors and lighting up the environments and circumstances within your day.

This is a great technique for observing your current energy levels and raising them to higher frequencies. Give it a try! I dare you to!

You’ll be amazed at the results!

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