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Does Your Daily Routine Need a Change-Up?

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Does Your Daily Routine Need a Change-Up?



*This post is an extension of our Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. 30 Day Stress Relief Challenge. Information on the challenge is included at the end of this article including links to sign up for the challenge.


Does your daily or weekly routine need a change-up, some revamping or maybe a complete overhaul?

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’ve finally figured out a daily/weekly routine that works well, you’ve built the discipline to stick to it (mostly) and life feels like it’s rolling smoothly. This is a huge step forward towards becoming a person who is ready to create and achieve their goals consistently. (Being able to be consistent is a key requirement for reaching your goals and it starts with learning to manage your time wisely.)

But then, something happens. You get lazy and let things slide. A life event happens and you can’t for the life of you get back into your routine. All of a sudden that sweet daily routine is nonexistent and you find yourself stressed to the hilt trying to keep up, regroup and get yourself back on track. Sound familiar?

Or, perhaps, you are so into the groove that the near thought of doing anything outside of your routine causes a panic attack and you fret, fighting furiously to keep everything and everyone and every hour of the day in perfect order. You get cranky when something (or someone) tries to interrupt your schedule and you are just so adamant that every day goes exactly according to plan – and you forget to actually enjoy life and live in the moment. Is this you? Are you tired of forcing life to work the way you want and need it to?

Today’s Big Success Tip Is:

One of the secrets to achieving goals consistently and feeling energized and at peace, is learning to balance between living organized and on track with being able to relax, let go and live in the moment.

This is the challenge I am placing before you this week – to create better balance in your daily life.

It will likely take effort and regular moments of observation, to see just how you are going about your day.

I want you to take a minute and think about the times in your life in which you were completely in harmony with what you were doing. That is, it came naturally and easily for you to do it. This usually happens when you are doing your hobby or work you love.

If I take myself for example, when I sit to work on my books or writing projects, I am doing it in a pre-planned block of time. However, once I am in this time block everything disappears and I am completely lined up with my work; the creativity just flows. It’s all natural and nothing is forced.

Sounds picturesque and in reality, the uninterrupted writing time rarely happens, but instead of stressing or panicking or getting cranky, I’ve learned to also go with the flow. I know how to line myself up with that creativity quickly, so I do what I can each day and then let it be. In this, my work happens in a state of peace, joy and ease and thus the work itself turns out to be of higher quality.

I want to encourage you to aim for balance – you are focused, planning and preparing ahead of time, and you are able to stay on task and be productive. In this, you are also flexible, willing to take each hour as it comes, making sound decisions and working on that which is most important while allowing the little, unimportant things to either wait for a better time or even yet, get crossed off the list altogether.

Are You Capable of Doing This?

If you were to look at your to-do list today and your planner for the week, what 3 things can you just cross off. Not because you are wanting to procrastinate them, but because they really are not that big of a deal and probably don’t need doing in the first place.

If you saw my weekly to-do list you’d be in shock – I’ve eliminated almost everything from my Must Get Done lists of the past to a few basic reminders for the two busiest days of the week. Everything else happens by routine or in the moment and you know what – things that need doing still get done.

Are You Living A Balanced Life?

If this is a struggle for you it is likely because of two reasons.

Reason #1 You Over Commit

This has everything to do with The Things You Value, your ability to Say Yes & No Firmly and realizing What You do Have Control Over in your life.  If this is you, READ these linked articles for they will really help!

You do not have to do anything (aside from basic caring of children obviously). You don’t. You are not a catering machine, you are not a robot, you are not someone (or some group’s) do-it-all fixit upper.

Start saying yes to the things and people that really matter to you (within realistic limits). Start saying No to everything and everyone that just drains you.

Reason #2 You Attach Emotions to Everything

One of the biggest AHAH moments people have is realizing that you do have control over your emotions. Every single emotion you experience is a choice. Emotions are simply how you decide to interpret the way you are experiencing life. And you get to choose every single moment of every single day if you will be emotional about things or not and to what degree.


Cup o’Truth: Not everything or everyone in life deserves your energy and not everything requires an attached emotion.

If you struggle with keeping a balanced calendar, manageable to-do list, and feel like you must do all those things (because of guilt, fear, anxiety, etc.), this is a great opportunity for you to experience what it feels like to own your personal power and stop catering to everyone and everything else.

Another Cup o’Truth: Everyone is responsible for themselves, their life and how they interpret it.

This means you are not responsible for how other people feel – that is their decision. It is OK for you to SAY NO to things and people that drain you and you can SAY NO to people who don’t respect your time and energy.

Here’s a 3rd Cup o’Truth: You can do things your way.

How many things on your to-do list this week are there because that is always how someone else has done them? Do you scour the rooms of your house daily because that is what your parent always did? Do you always run errands on a certain day or workout at certain times because it fits perfectly into everyone else’s schedule?

This is YOUR LIFE!

Yes, that needed big caps.

I want you to look at your schedule and that to-do list. What can you just let go of? I mean it. There must be a few things that you thought you were important that can just get crossed off. The world will not end if you do not make an extra trip to the store or across town. Your teenager can figure out how to find a ride. Your spouse can fold that 5th load of laundry while watching their nightly TV show. So & So can go one meeting or event without you holding it all together like super glue to keep it functioning. The kids can make a sandwich for dinner or duke out their quarrels while you take a hot bath or go for a walk. You don’t have to answer the phone every time it rings nor do you have to respond to every message left.

You can skip something this week. Forever, no. But there are many things that do not really require perfection and to be done as frequently as you have been.

Creating Balance

Learning to creating real balance is imperative to your health, joy and significantly makes a difference in not just whether or not you make progress but in the kind of progress you are able to make.

Life goes better when we are in a state of peace, ease and joy. We can be content while on purpose. We can function successfully without feeling the stress. Allow yourself to breathe. Give yourself time to quiet your mind, to calm your nerves, to just be. To sit in quiet, to do something you enjoy doing when you want to do it. Let yourself be decisive about the way you spend your time and days – that is an incredible feeling!

The Challenge is On!

I encourage you to try and create better balance in your day today and in your upcoming week. See what you can do to lighten that to-do list while putting your energy and focus into the things you really want and need to be doing. Set aside some time for you, to rest and relax and to get fresh air or workout. When we take time to care for ourselves, we feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. This makes it easier to find our groove, improves our results and helps us connect with others more enjoyably.

Will you take on our Stress Relieving Challenge on Creating Balance in Your Daily Living?

What changes can you make with your daily routine to create a more calm, enjoyable and balanced approach to life?


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