You want to feel alive, on purpose
and be achieving your goals!

You are ready to be authentic to your true self:
Happy, Balanced & Thriving!

goals purpose

You yearn for the release of your spirit, and want to live each day feeling alive and on purpose. You want to be living life on your terms, be able to make great decisions, feel strong and empowered, and be able to handle life successfully.

Most of all, you want to know how to let your true self shine.

Through my years of guiding and instructing women in learning how to live decisively, empowered and resiliently, I know:

› You are crazy busy, working or staying at home with the kids and running a 3-ring circus.

› You are tired, from being busy and running the circus and wondering how time flies by so quickly.

› You are smiling, because we ladies are supposed to be chirpy, kind, supporting and well – we are supposed to be superwoman.

› You look like you’ve got it all together – you’ve mastered the art of hat juggling and making it look like you’ve got your life in order.

› You are getting by. Despite the spilled nail polish on the table courtesy of your daughter, the sandwiches with two nibbles eaten left by the twins who swore they were starving and your (spouse, mother, friend) who managed to hang up the clothes in the dryer giving you today’s clean albeit wrinkly shirt to wear.

› Who am I kidding, the help isn’t really help and you are seriously doing it all!

Sweetie I’ve been there!

I’m telling you there IS more to life than just holding on and pretending your keeping it together and wondering if it will ever change.

I hear those pleas begging for light at the end of the tunnel every day from my clients (not to mention from women in my personal life). I’ve felt them myself.

I know you are…

· Tired of feeling uncertain about your future.

· You’ve taken the road you thought was best yet here you are still questioning that decision.

· And you are probably worn down, frustrated, stressed and exhausted from all those hats you are wearing and somehow keeping them all in the air.

I know you want to be living life on your terms,

making wonderful decisions that create a fulfilling life while utilizing your talents.

It’s interesting how we get to this point in our life, where we find ourselves wondering just what is our purpose in life? Surely it is not to be changing diapers, shuffling kids about, making sure the house is still standing and spending too many hours building everyone else’s dreams.

No, you know as I do, that life IS supposed to be filled with joy, fun and things that actually feel rewarding. We know this, but wonder just where it is?

It’s a sinking feeling when you know you’ve got talent, things you are really pretty good at, yet you feel like the years are slipping by and you have little to really show for it. You know you are meant for more than this life as you are currently living it, you might even have a glimpse of what your purpose in life is. The problem is figuring it out exactly, believing you can do it and finding the time and energy to make it happen.  

Oh, and there is the fact that you are always telling everyone else Yes when you really want to say No and you say No to everything you want to say YES to. There’s that.

goals life purpose


I can tell you right now what is not in your life:

Decisiveness + Passion + Purpose.

I know this because…

When you learn to live decisively, most of the things you struggle with disappear.

When you are living passionately and on purpose – you stop questioning yourself and the way your life is going.

With a life that is centered upon your purpose and passions, making decisions becomes easy.

When you begin to lead a decisive, passionate and purpose oriented life, you will actually feel Alive and on Purpose.


Think of it like this…

• Your week is focused on the things that must get done and those things you really want to do.

• Your relationship with yourself is one filled with strength, beauty, respect and love.

• Your relationships with others are healthy because you’ve gotten clear on your boundaries and you can finally tell people no without forcing yourself to pretend it’s all okay.

• Heck, you can stop pretending all together for you’ll be living authentically, no more caring what other’s opinions are when it comes to deciding what matters most to you.

• Picture people being in awe of your self-transformation from a frazzled worn out woman hanging on by her fingertips to a woman poised, peaceful, powerful and on a mission.

Think about what it will feel like to be energized and motivated from within!

Imagine how good it feels telling a stranger about how much you love the work you do and your life is good, really good.


Let me show you how to create a life

that fills you with contentment and excitement

in Lining Up Your Goals With Your Life Purpose.


In this self-paced online course:

You’ll learn all about what it means to live life decisively!

I’ll walk you through building up your confidence, strengths, talents and uplift your courage to help you begin creating an authentic life.

We’ll set your goals up in sync with your passions and purpose in life and you’ll see the difference this makes in achieving your goals.

created for women

I am an author, speaker, educator, owner of two businesses, an ACE certified fitness instructor & certified women’s self-defense instructor. As a mother and wife, myself, I understand the constraints our normal roles put on us as women.

I firmly believe…

We each are meant to share our gifts with the world. I’ve developed principles for successful, balanced living that every woman can learn and utilize in her life to help her establish healthy, happiness, freedom and mostly importantly, inner peace.

I live by example everything I teach:

Decisiveness, Empowerment and Resiliency in life and thus they are the core elements in my books. I’ve been able to fully expand my principles for successful living into hands on, easy to apply programs making the learning process fun for you!

By the time our together is done:

You’ll have greater clarity in who you are, who you want to be and you’ll have the tools and insight to create a lifestyle that celebrates your values, beliefs and goals. Plus, you’ll learn what it means to live life decisively, empowered and resiliently!

lining up

Here’s what is included in this course:

Video Tutorials, study guides and worksheet to help you develop clarity and begin building a life filled with passion and purpose.

3 Modules – all self-paced to meet your schedule and needs

Module One: The Truth About Who You Are, What Is Passion & Purpose, Creating Your Ideal Vision

Module Two: Learning to Manage Your Time & Resources, Centering Your Life Around Your Life Purpose

Module Three: Living Authentically, Owning Your Power, Living Decisively

+ Bonus (It’s a Surprise!)

What is the cost?  Just $48!

Your authentc self is waiting to be liberated!

If you are wondering if this course is right for you:

I ask, “How long will you continue to live a life void of purpose and things you are passionate about? When will you allow the real you hidden behind layers of roles and meeting other’s expectations to emerge? When does your authentic self get to shine and laugh?”

Let’s get you going in creating a life that fills you with joy, eagerness to wake up in the morning and mostly important, purpose and meaning in your life. 

Are you ready to begin living a new life?

I’m ready to feel alive & on purpose!

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