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Expanding Your Author Platform

Registration for Expanding Your Author Platform is Now Open!

Join me Tues. May 17th at 10am cst. for Session One

(Intro. to Building a Basic Platform)


Wed. May 18th for Session Two

(Expanding Upon Your Basic Platform)

You can click here to register for one or both.

Are you a writer or blogger?
Learn how to expand your author platform and rise above the rest.
Do you know what a platform is?
Or why you need one to become successful as a writer?
Your platform makes all the difference!
Join me for this fun, FREE and enlightening webinar.

Here is what you will learn about Expanding Your Author Platform:

What an expanded platform is and why you need one!

How to build an expanded platform.

How to utilize your platform to increase your reach, engagement and opportunities.

How to set yourself apart from others in the industry.

Tips for utilizing social media, networking and collaboration.

Insights into marketing yourself as an author.

Tips to improve your live events (book signings, workshops etc).

How to truly be prepared and ready professionally when querying agents and publishers to get noticed!




Here is what participants are saying about this amazing series:

“A Professional writer creates everything with a purpose! Yes, I need to work on that! Your teaching on networking using a real life example from the bookstore was POWERFUL!” (their caps not mine.) ~ Quincey

“Packs all the must haves into one place!” ~ Chris

“Thumbs up!” ~ Tyann

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