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How to Clean Up the Energy in Your Life


How to Clean Up the Energy in Your Life



This post is all about cleaning up our energy space, what we give out and what we allow into our space. It’s time to open the windows and let fresh air in.

I find life and movements in society interesting to observe. I find that the original intentions of these ‘calls for better’ stand on solid ground. Then I watch as droves of supporters swoop in and completely shift the energy and intentions of the movement without realizing what it is they are doing.

It’s like some people wake up just wanting to be heard, to be right. They forget to envelope their concepts in energy that is positive and kind. Instead, they end up storming in with energy that demands instead of guides. Guiding leads while demanding drains when it comes to energy.

If you read my recent article on creating long lasting changes in our lives, we must first experience a shift of change within; otherwise the changes result from force and those results will not last. We cannot force this shift to happen within others, we can only light lamps and be guides setting the example of how we can go about things better. Yet, what is better in our eye may not be better in another’s. Respect is a form of energy as well. Guiding offers respect while demanding expects it.

The approach we have to life will always show through our actions, while we may not be able to see it, those more evolved can. If we are not seeing the results we want, perhaps it’s a change in our approach that is needed.

Once you accept that everyone is at their own place, living life at their own pace, evolving as they decide to; no one will ever have any influence or power on how you live your life, nor will you try to influence power over another.

There tend to be two main approaches to life.

Approach #1

As mentioned above, the first approach is to demand: righteousness, to be loud, to force others to listen, to demand change (instead of leading by example), to show others how very wrong they are. This approach is loud and carries negative energetic undertones, regardless if the original intention means well.

Approach #2

The second approach to life, that of those highly successful, is to simply wake up every day, thankful for the blessings and opportunities in the day.

And there it is. That simplicity and ease in the second approach – this is what creates real change!

In this higher approach is clean, fresh, invigorating energy!

It is energy filled with peace, love, joy, appreciation, hope, decisiveness, empowerment and resiliency.

The Difference in Energy

I want you to notice a stark difference in these approaches to life, within that energy space. The first is reliant upon invading into the energy of others, either to use it or to force it.

In the second higher approach, the energy is independent of others. It remains clean, fresh and vibrant regardless of circumstances.

There is a big difference between these two approaches! Real change comes from pure energy that is centered on positivity, it is an energy that lights and leads instead of forcing.

In our 30-Day Stress Relief Challenge we talk often about the energy we feel (physically and emotionally) and the energy we give out and allow into our life every day.

We always, and I mean always, have the power to be decisive over the energy we send out and over the energy we allow into our daily bubble.

I encourage you to reclaim this decisive power and invite you to begin cleaning up the energy in your daily life.

A few ways to spritz up the energy you send out:

Learn to let things go.

Allow people and things to just be as they are, where they are.

Shine your light without blinding others in its glow.

Give from a place of love and joy, kindness and peace.

Live intentionally, with purpose and passion.

 Give up the need to be loud, the need to be heard, the need to be right all the time.


Self-care and proper time management are good sources of fuel.


Ways to Protect Your Energy Boundaries:

Be clear in your relationships. With your expectations for what you receive and in what you give.

Understand we become most like the people we are with often. Growth may require new social circles.

Monitor your castle gates regularly – energy vampires can be subtle and sneaky.

Notice what you give your time and energy to. Limit your time with TV, social media and environments that are not healthy or productive.

Own your power. Use your “No” wisely and making it a powerful one word sentence.

Get decisive over where you go and who you hang out with.

Seek out positive social environments and peers.


When and if you recognize the energy around you is shifting from positive and healthy to dreary and draining – pause. Take a few minutes to observe and make a few adjustments in your week to allocate self-care and checking your boundary walls.

Go through your social media and start unfollowing (or unfriending if need be) those who are not owning the energy they are sending out. There is no need for your social media feeds to be filled with whining, blaming, excuse making and arguing.  

Allow yourself to cleanse your life of the energy vampires who just want to suck sunshine from your soul.

Pay closer attention to the external feel of the crowd you hang out with – you may have similar beliefs and ideas of what is fun and good in the world, but if your crowd can’t see their energy drains you might find yourself in the midst of the exact opposite of what you truly believe in. Noise is often counterproductive and exhausting.

Seek peace and quiet. Real ideas and solutions come from the creative recesses of our mind and for these ideas to emerge, the mind needs calm and quiet to think clearly.

See what you can do this week to clean up your energy spaces. Turn on the lights and clear out the dust bunnies and open windows to let fresh air filter in. Both literally and in terms of the ways and places you invest your energy most into.


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