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I Can’t Finish Writing My Book…

I Can’t Finish Writing My Book…

Solutions to Common Writing Questions

I Can Begin To Write My Book… But I Just Can’t Finish It.

This post correlates with my EBook Focus & Value – How To Write an EBook With Focus and Value To Engage Your Audience.

In launching Focus & Value, I also created accompanying YouTube videos that address common issues writers often have.

I worked in a large bookstore for 8 years, and have been writing for over ten. In this experience I gained a solid understanding of what books sell well compared to those that collect dust and/or get recycled and remaindered out. I also learned how to transition customers from their regular book searches and get them reading new authors in different genres.

There are common factors that get applied to the content of best-selling books which enables the reader to read a best seller from cover to cover.

You can learn what these factors are and how to apply them to your writing by purchasing a copy of Focus & Value.

Today in this post I am going to talk about a really common writing issue:

I can start writing my book but I just can’t finish it. Please Help!

This is a really common issue that almost every writer faces at one point or another and it even happens to best selling authors too.

Not being able to finish the writing stage of your book is likely due to a combination of three factors.

The first is: Lack of Discipline.

Success in anything requires basic discipline. In terms of writing this is pretty clear cut.

You’ve got to sit your butt down on a consistent basis and actually work on the writing aspect of your project.

If you are lacking the discipline in writing on a regular basis, start small. Even just 15-30 minutes two or three times a week for a few weeks will help you start building a foundation and begin building momentum.

The more consistent you can become in creating set blocks of time in which to work on your writing will also build your excitement, focus and energy for writing. You will find yourself wanting to work on it more and more.

I invite you to check out this YouTube video and learn what the other two factors are in not being able to finish writing your book. In this video I also discuss more ideas to help you build that discipline along with how to deal with writer’s block.

If you are stuck on the “Where do I begin?” stage, read my article “I’d Like to Write a Book But I Don’t Know Where to Start.” There are some great tactics to help you get going on a topic.


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