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How Can I Start Over in Life?

How Can I Start Over in Life?

Do you need to hit the Reset Button in Life?

We would all love it if that big red magical Easy button really worked.

It doesn’t though. And sometimes we come across a day in which we actually really need to hit reset. Sometimes we really need to just start over! Some things may be going just fine or perhaps you are darn near total burnout or things are just outright chaotic.

Either way, a reset has to happen.

It might be with one or all or a combination of your life pillars (spirituality, health, relationships, finances, career).

This is totally OKAY!

Hitting the reset button doesn’t mean you’ve actually done anything wrong (at least not ridiculously, terribly wrong). It doesn’t make you a failure.

What realizing you need a reset does mean is that you have reached a point in which you need to just BREATHE.

Sometimes we can be on an incredible roll, things are totally working out for us, and we still need to just breathe once in a while.

When we are able to kick back (or slow way down while still making a wee bit of progress) it allows our mind and body to simply rest and recoup. It enables the creative doodads in our brain to ramp up and come up with new ideas, solutions and approaches. It allows us to take note of what has been working really well and see what in life really needs to change.

Once you’ve taken a moment (or two, or five) to breathe again and feel a little peace inside, then you hit that reset button and either begin anew or pick back up where you left off and continue on.

Everyone has to use the reset button at one point or another.

Are there any areas of your life in which you could use a breather and the handy reset button?

Here are a few things you can do today to breathe and gain clarity on the area(s) of life you’d like to reset.

#1 Find peace and quiet. Create some time and space today (or really soon) to be alone – allow your mind to quiet down so you can really think through how life has been going. Turn off the tv, the laptop and your phone. Really embrace quiet – a quiet, calm and collected mindset allows you to find solutions and have clarity in which direction to go in from here.

#2 Take note of your strengths and what has been working. Write them down. These are your footholds to go forward with and you can fall back on them as often as you need to. Write down a few things that have contributed to your strengths and what is going well. You want to come up with ways to add more of these beneficial aids.

#3  If you want to create real change you have to be honest with yourself. It’s time to look at what is not working and what you are really struggling with being/doing. Write them down. Don’t focus on trying to fix everything at once – that is not realistic. Next, write down anything that you know is directly contributing to these challenges. People/resources/yourself etc.

Pick the one thing you think you can begin working at and improving here and today, even if it is just one step of action forwards.

#4 Create a Start Here List. After have selected the one aspect of life you will begin improving immediately, write down a list of things (decisions and actions) you can take to begin creating positive long term change. Whichever task jumps out at you as a good place to start – start there and just go do it. Get the rough part over as quickly as possible. Address the reality of the situation, who/what caused it, how it can be prevented in the future and what you can do about it here and now.

Big changes in life – literal shifts in the direction of your life and future usually occur in the midst of our most difficult challenges and darkest moments.

This is because real change requires an actual shift within first.

Embrace the moment, embrace the fact that you are exactly where you are, facing what you are facing and realize you are capable of handling it. Even if you have yet to come up with any solutions to improve circumstances – you’ve got this.

Write it down at the top of your paper – “I’ve got this. It is handled. This is better now.”


Our approach to life is everything. The more willing we are to look at ourselves and the life we are leading, the easier it is for to us to embrace change and growth.

One of the biggest keys to changing the circumstances of your life is raising the bar in your self-love and self-care. If you improve on these, everything else in your life will begin to change and improve. I have a wonderful free series on building greater self-love and self-care. You can sign up for it below!

*** I now have a sequel to this post called There is Beauty in Your Hot Mess (Enjoying the journey and making progress anyways)


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