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Building a Mindset to Achieve

mindset to achieve

Building a Mindset to Achieve

If you are ready to begin building a mindset to achieve, you have to position yourself, your mind and how you approach life to succeed.

Whether it’s a little goal, a big goal or a crazy dream.

You have to line up with it.

You will have to change.

You will have to embrace learning, setting your current self aside (because that obviously isn’t bringing you the success you desire), and let go of who you have been in order to step up and into the person you’d like to be.

You create your own results, for everything about yourself and in your life.

Achieving goals and reaching the heights of success requires you to embrace opportunities – and create them.

It’s a Process

One of the things most don’t realize is that there is a simple process we can use to create and achieve our goals. Not once, not twice, but every time we realize there is something we’d like to pursue or become.

I teach this process in my course It’s Time to Achieve, where I walk you step by step through the process and how to apply it into your life with the goals you have for your life.

I am asked by everyone, family, friends, clients, fans, readers and peers how it is I am able to achieve so many goals and with relative ease.

The answer?

It’s in my approach to life. It’s more than just thinking positively and dreaming big and believing that I can do it. I’ve put in the effort to learn how to achieve and I’ve put in the effort to change and grow into the person who can maintain the results I am after.

Most people don’t want to change. They don’t want to put in any effort and seek the quickest short cut possible. This is why they don’t achieve and their life never improves.


Tipping Life in Your Favor

Real changes in the external factors of our life, our surroundings and the material aspects, occurs when we have a real need deep inside to change. I call these pivotal life moments “Ice Buckets.” It is when we personally hit rock bottom or suddenly awaken to how it is we really have been going about life, or life itself swoops in and knocks us on our butt giving us that wake up moment.

To really create long term, positive changes in your life – it requires a change in your conviction. Conviction is that deep, soul level part of your being where you make decisions from. It’s more than what you believe and agree with. It’s where your right or wrong, yes’s and no’s come from.

It’s when you just cannot go on living life the way you have been – you’ve reached a pivotal moment in which you know and acknowledge that something has got to change.

When we have these moments, when we acknowledge at the soul level that we are better than that which we have been, and we can become something more and brighter – this is when we begin tipping life in our favor. The tipping occurs first at the soul level – we change and improve our convictions – the approach we have towards life.

The more we focus on building this new and better approach, the quicker we begin to see and experience the positive changes we are longing for in our outer circumstances.


Are you ready to start?

If you are reading this and thinking, “Yep, this is me. I am ready for serious changes in my life,” I encourage and invite you to begin today.

Commit to this new and better you! Start thinking long term, who do you want to be in five years? What kind of life would you like to be living? What would you be doing differently than compared to now?

It’s time for a change. It’s time for you to achieve. It’s time for you to rise up into who you want to be!

All of this you are reading here, I teach in depth in the course I mentioned earlier. You can register for It’s Time to Achieve and get started today building the life you envision having.  This self-paced program is meant for those who are done twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to happen and are ready to make life start moving and tipping in their favor.


If you’re on the fence, thinking “I know I really should change some things but… I’m not quite ready yet.” Sign up for my two free mini-series to help you start thinking more about creating positive things in your life and figure out just who you’d like to be.


I also teach the concepts in It’s Time to Achieve live, if you’d like to attend a powerful, enriching workshop you can find out when and where I will be hosting It’s Time to Achieve next.



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