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How to Break Through Life’s Challenges

How to Break Through Life’s Challenges


The truth is we all experience road blocks in life and today I am sharing insight that we can all utilize as we go about our lives and easily conquer any challenges we might face.

As an author I write, talk about and teach fellow writers how to successfully overcome writer’s block. In these discussions what I really help writers do is adjust their approach to their writing and get them re-aligned with their purpose behind their writing and focusing on their desired outcome.

When we experience blocks in life (challenges) these are really moments in life in which the universe is giving us warning signs that we are off track with our life purpose and in who we are.

Think about the times in your life when you experience boredom and lethargy. In these seasons and environments, you are lacking purpose, vision (the direction you are taking your life in), set bar of expectations (ambition with focus). Here you are at one extreme in how you are living life – you are not doing much of anything and are letting life happen to you.

Let’s swing over the other extreme in which you are experiencing stress, chaos, exhaustion, burnout, intense pressures. In this case you are striving furiously to meet other’s expectations of you. You are out of alignment with your purpose and vision here too. Think of a hamster in its wheel going 80pmh. The hamster is giving it his all but is getting nowhere, and does this day in and day out.


What about those who are living a fairly balanced life?

They have purpose and direction in life, they know who they’d like to become and are consistently working towards it. They have focus, discipline and make good decisions and take intentional actions regularly. They have good energy, physically and mentally and go about life in a relaxed and peaceful state, yet they are indeed productive and proactive.

When it comes to what we experience in life – our results are directly the outcome of how we approach life. You fall along this spectrum – where does your approach to life fit? Are you on one extreme end or the other? Or are you closer to the middle? Your answer showcases the types of challenges you face and how you currently handle them. Did you know that?

How we handle the challenges we face in life shows us how we are actually approaching life itself.

Let’s take a closer look, then I will share with you tips for preventing and overcoming challenges with a successful approach.

So we have our two extreme approaches to life.

The first I talked about lacks ambition, focus, discipline, direction, purpose and passion for life. When they experience challenges these folks tend to complain, make excuses, blame and give up almost immediately with little to no effort applied to overcome the challenge.

The second extreme approach is when you are investing everything that you are 110% into fixing other people’s problems and needs – with no regard to your own life, well-being, needs and responsibilities. Here, people avoid their individual purpose, passions, responsibilities, health, and so on by overdoing it in focus, discipline, ambition and energy applied to things outside of them. Some examples are: working 50+ hours a week with little extra compensation building someone else’s dream life, zealously taking care of family and friends at the expense of your own health and well-being, being compulsive about one activity or aspect to avoid owning up to another (cleaning, exercise/health, finances etc.).

When those in this extreme category encounter challenges in life they tend to go into overdrive to resolve the issue (again at the expense of something or someone else) often making the issue bigger than it is, or it induces even higher levels of stress, anxiety, anger until it results in a life altering moment such as an accident or heart attack. This extreme approach fails to recognize warning signs before combustion.

There are many similarities in these two extreme approaches to life – in opposites. Both fail to accept total ownership of their decisions, actions and the results they experience in life. Both do not see or hear the warnings the universe gives them before life implodes on them.


Then we have this group of people in the middle ground who live life rather peacefully and productively. This approach to life is about balance, knowing when and where to say yes or no, how to go about it and remaining authentic to their individual purpose in life while pursuing things that create the life they want to be living. People here are not in the extreme end of anything – they understand the time and place for things in life. There are times to be frugal and times to spend. There are times to put more focus into better health and times when living a fit and healthy lifestyle allow one to take a break from it. There are healthy boundaries in regards to caring for others, working with others and supporting others.

People here know who they are (they live by solid convictions) while respecting others (neither having to agree with or argue with others convictions). They incorporate things into their daily living that they are passionate about and have direction and purpose for the future they are creating. While they value and apply focus and discipline and good work ethic – they also balance it with rest and play.


These descriptions help us to understand and identify with how we are actually approaching life. It is easy to see how a balanced approach to life allows one to experience life much differently. Without even going into how a balanced approach deals with challenges in life we can literally feel the difference and know that there is a big difference!

Let’s talk about this different approach with life’s challenges.

The approach successful people use in rising above life’s obstacles – 

First, due to good maintenance of their health, minds, relationships, finances and general daily decisions – they actually prevent many unnecessary challenges that those of the extreme approaches actually create.

Second, they have solid trust and faith in themselves to be able to handle the situation just fine. They value the opportunity to have to learn, grow and experience new things – including challenges -whether these challenges are wanted or unexpected.

*Successful people seek out opportunities for growth and intentionally look for things that are new, risky and not yet tried before. These are wanted challenges.

Third, they decisively focus on their strengths and knowledge and apply them to the problem to the best of their ability. They stick with it, trying a few different methods. If they cannot solve the problem, instead of quitting or hyping it up – they simply admit they do not know the solution and go seek out people who likely have experienced something similar.

Fourth, because they live life with focus and on purpose – they are not deterred much if at all by life’s events. If an unexpected situation occurs – they pause their endeavors, focus on resolving the issue, then they quickly regroup and carry on with life.

Fifth, and this is really the big difference, highly successful people rise above the circumstances in life and then resolve them with this big picture approach. Think of having a ladder or tree to scamper up and by doing so you gain a whole new perspective and approach to the situation. They do not get over emotionally caught up in the moment, they simple pause, breathe and step back or climb up high enough to be able to get a bigger perspective at what is going on. In this, one can usually develop clarity in what led to the situation – making it preventable in the future. Along with coming up with many different alternatives in which to apply to the situation.

Hopefully, this insight has brought you greater clarity in how you have been approaching life’s challenges up to this point and from here on out you can use these new tactics to handle life with greater ease.

If you’d like more insight into building a more decisive, empowered, resilient, successful mindset I recommend taking the It’s Time to Achieve workshop which teaches a successful approach to living.

I also talk about these different approaches to life and how our approach impacts our ability to achieve our goals in Raising the Bar for a Higher Level of Living.

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