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Focus & Value Book

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As an experienced writer whose favorite topic is write about success, I decided to create my first EBook Focus & Value to be all about how to create a book with focus and value that will engage readers.

I decided on this topic to assist other writers and bloggers in developing focus while creating their work, as well as creating a book that sells!

After working for 8 years in a large bookstore, I’ve gained real knowledge of what types of books sell well vs. those that sit on shelves collecting dust.

Writing a book that sells well AND turns the reader into a returning customer involves two things: writing with focus and creating content with real value.


In Focus & Value:

  • You will build the focus and discipline require to complete the writing of your book.
  • Write with intentional focus, purpose and direction.
  • Create content that provides real value for your readers.
  • Learn how to amplify the content of your writing to engage your readers.
  • Get excited about writing and creating your EBook.

As a Bonus:

In addition, you will receive a 100+ word list of Words to Engage Your Reader to captivate readers and spice up your content.

When you purchase Focus & Value, you will also receive a Step by Step Action List to help you through the process for creating, editing and preparing your EBook for publishing.

Included in Focus & Value are 10+ worksheets to guide you through the writing and editing process with focus from beginning to end.

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