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Focus & Value

Write, Publish & Launch

How to Write an EBook with FocusĀ & Value to Engage Your Audience

Wonderful insight into creating a book (eBook or hard copy) that engages readers, takes them on an adventure and gets them asking for more!

Guided instruction for building focus and purpose for your book along with establishing target audience, creating real value and staying focused during the writing and publishing process.

Additional tips for planning the launch of your book, including a launch timeline checklist.

Solid information for writers just venturing into book writing, publishing and needing motivation.

This book is currently available in:

eBook format

trade paperback

Raising the Bar for a Higher Level of Living

Need to start seeing results?

Highly successful people approach life differently. In order to begin living life at a higher level, we must gain exposure to hat approach in ways we can relate to.

A great resource of insight into success principles that leaders, coaches and athletes utilize in raising the bar and achieving excellence!

Bold motivation and life altering for those ready to change and seeing results.

Storyline based upon the concepts of training and racing marathons with powerful expectations on leadership.

Available in:

Trade Paperback


Current Book Projects:

The Decision is completed and awaiting publication.

You can catch a glimpse of what The Decision is all about in these excerpts from the book.

Empowered is the sequel to The Decision. Accelerating personal and professional success to a higher level.



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