Decisive. Empowered. Resilient.

The Empowered Female Athlete

The Empowered Female Athlete

Ladies who live life empowered and are setting wonderful examples for females to follow in health, wellness and fierceness.

Welcome to Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. A place to embrace decisiveness, self-empowerment and resiliency in life. As a Mom, wife, athlete, and leader in my community for health and fitness, I often seek out women who live what it means to be an Empowered Woman.

As athletes, we share similar beliefs that the strength, characteristics built and life lessons learned enable us (female athletes) to move about life with extra reserves of internal strength, drive, passion and ease.

The creation of this Empowered Female Athlete series is designed to inspire women from all walks of life. I hope readers will be able to see what sets us apart and learn how to utilize these same techniques for better health, fitness and resiliency.

The women participating in this series participate in sports that are less popular, sports where women are just beginning to emerge as fierce athletes and make it known that we (ladies) can rock these sports too! In sharing their sport and training tips with you, we hope you will go about your day and week feeling motivated, encouraged, capable and perhaps bold enough to try something new.

We hope younger female athletes will read these stories, look up to these women as role models and find fuel to feed their ambitions, confidence and build even bigger dreams.

If you know a female athlete that you believe fits the Empowered Female Athlete qualities click here for information on how to submit and become part of the series.

An 11 year veteran of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jen Allen Russell exhibits athleticism with honor and grace. The 2014 Masters World Champion (black belt division) has traveled the world five times for World Championship competitions.

Training 5-6 days a week, she puts extra time into weight training and cardio conditioning but always keeps one full day a week just for rest. This means some days she doubles up on her training but the rewards of hard work far outweigh the challenges. At 40, she’s still in prime physical shape, and her love of the sport only fuels her commitment and motivation.

More Empowering Interviews Coming Soon!

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