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Being a Spitfire & Lighting Fires

Being a Spitfire & Lighting Fires



A lot of people find people like me (spitfires) to be challenging. While we are often quite kind, patient, understanding and loving we are also equally strong, determined, decisive and resilient. People who don’t share these traits sometimes struggle in interacting with spitfires.

I do not take it personally, we are all different. I also do not apologize for being myself.

One trait about spitfires that gives us a boost in achieving what we set out for is that our brains see things right as they are and also for what they can be.

When I meet someone, it isn’t hard to accurately assess their personality or traits, and I put myself in others shoes frequently to understand who they are and why they do what they do (a writer’s quirk). I see you for who you are right now, and also I see the real you on the inside, the one who has yet to tap into your potential and value.

Here is what sometimes rubs people the wrong way. I refuse to acknowledge your excuses and reasoning as to why you are not already that ‘potential and better you’. I try to light the fire within you, by letting you see the fire in me. And sometimes, if I believe you’ll use the spark, I may just light a firecracker and toss it at your heels.

Another aspect of being a spitfire, aside from being alive, innovative and feisty, and coinciding with being able to read others well is the ability to be decisive in relationships.

There is a saying out there that if you surround yourself with chickens you will become a chicken too. This is true! Who you do surround yourself with is generally what will mold your personality (unless you keep it highly guarded). The same goes for your mentality, your intelligence, your health, your finances, and your spirituality. The odds are if everyone in your immediate circle of family and friends are obese, you will likely be obese too. If you are the wealthiest person in your inner circle, you will likely never become much wealthier and likely poorer. You should never be the smartest one in the room unless you are there to teach.

Whoever it is you want to be and decide to be, you need to surround yourself with people whose mindsets and actions reflect who it is you want to become. Often we spitfires keep our inner circle small. Honestly, it saves a lot of time and energy not dealing with unnecessary drama. This decisiveness and ability to keep healthy distance from others allows spitfires to stay focused and energized – key components for success.

Part of being a spitfire, one who can be full of light and energy and inspiration and action, is being true to being who you are. That is, I was created to be me, because there are others out there who need some firecrackers lit under their butts. There are people, and groups and businesses who are stuck, who are in a rut, who need spitfire people like me who are filled with energy and ideas and sparks to lift them (or give them a swift kick in the butt) out of being stuck and assisting them in moving onward and upward in life.

It’s a delicate skill, knowing who and how and when your gift is needed and wanted. Hence, my avenue for writing, for me, this is how I as a spitfire utilize my talents best. If you need some life put back in your heart and soul, well, you can read my books or follow my blog. If you don’t, well keep walking to the next section of the book store. No harm done and nothing taken personally.

The truth is, those who are needing and wanting change will go looking for it. And they will find it, whether it’s my work or someone else’s, what they are looking for to improve and change themselves (and their life) is created by people like me, innovative, fearless, fire setting folks. We are fearless in dreaming in the impossible, in the yet to be created and achieved, we believe wholeheartedly that what is envisioned can and will be conquered and we do it.

Spitfires are the creators, the inventors, the endurance dare devil athletes, the champions, those who are willing to question themselves, life and everything in it, and accept nothing less than the best we can conceive of.

We will go after what we’ve conjured up in our minds as challenging, fun, innovative, unique, not yet tried or done, with everything we’ve got. Often spitfires are the ones who didn’t fit the mold. The famous names out there, if you take a close look at the best of the best in their fields, are usually those who had to overcome difficult struggles. They had to use their ingenuity and creativity and light their own fires. Most of us realized young, that if we could figure out how to get from behind to normal, why the hell would we stop there and not reach for the stars?

Most dreamers, believers and doers, simply didn’t stop. We just keep dreaming, believing, figuring out how to do it and go do it. Up, over, around, under, a bit of dynamite, doesn’t matter we will get there however possible.

The truth is we, the believers and doers, know whole heartedly that you can do anything you want to in your life, you just choose not to. And we know how alive and free and empowered and resilient we are, and we only want to share and inspire others to be able to feel and experience it for themselves.

So if I challenge you, if I question who you are and what you are doing and why…don’t take it personally. Realize it is because I see in you which you have yet to discover. See it as fuel to feed the fire of your dreams. Dare to believe in this you that I and other spitfires see in you. Its’ there, I promise.

Remember to lift others up – share some inspiration and toss a few firecrackers! Thank you for sharing my blog posts!

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