Decisive. Empowered. Resilient.

Behind the Scenes of Decisive. Empowered. Resilient.

Behind the Scenes of Decisive. Empowered. Resilient.


Today, I am taking you behind the scenes of my brand and company Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. I am letting you get to know who I am and why I chose to expand beyond writing books into the entrepreneurial world.

Several blog posts ago I shared with fellow bloggers and small business owners 10 Things to Share with Your Fans & Subscribers. If you haven’t read that great article yet, I recommend it – there are some great ideas for connecting with your audience.


I began writing like 25 years ago (way back in 3rd grade) and I was a total introvert and crazy quiet and shy. Now I am getting very comfortable expressing myself in a multitude of ways including speaking in front of crowds, doing live stream and recording videos. I’ve even done a few international interviews. (I love podcasting, maybe someday I’ll get into it myself.)

I started out writing a screenplay and romance novels. Maybe someday I’ll get back to those and try to publish them.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I’ve never been comfortable working for others, with someone else dictating my schedule, my pay and telling me what I was worth. I am the one who decides all of that – especially my worth and value!

The publishing industry is a slow process; from the time a writer begins writing the book until it hits the shelves (if it does) it can take a few years. When I became a mother I wanted to stay at home. I needed flexibility with my schedule and I wanted to be the one to raise my kids. So I started thinking about all the ways I could work from home or expand my writing career. I also had to learn about expanding my author platform.

In this process I discovered many things:

That I am meant to be my own boss.

The opportunities for expanding myself professionally as a writer are huge!

I love helping people discover their highest self.

The methods I have for achieving my goals and approaching life really separate me out above most people.

I could teach my approach to life, creating and achieving goals, and a multitude of other concepts I write about in my personal development and success books – and make money through these various avenues while expanding professionally.

I could do all of this on my own terms!


So over the last few years I’ve added teaching and speaking to my brand. Along with my books, I also offer online courses, live workshops, webinars, an incredible inspiring and helpful subscribers program, motivational and educational blog articles and a few other side gigs like teaching women’s self-defense and empowerment classes.

How did I come up with Decisive. Empowered. Resilient?

My brand is actual the concept of my first 3 self-help books.

I believe decisiveness is the first step to personal power, freedom, relief, change, growth and rising to our highest self. It is the ignition switch for everything we become and experience in life.

Empowerment is owning it, yourself, your life and everything in it. Self-empowerment goes hand in hand with decisiveness and is like the oxygen in everything we are and do. Becoming Empowered is having the willingness to change and live life to the fullest.

Finally, resiliency is the ability to adjust to life while maintaining your sense of self, your power and your strength. Resiliency is the ability to surf the waves of life fearlessly while remaining in control of yourself and simultaneously steering your life in the direction you want it to go in.

These three elements are the core of everything I write, speak on and teach. It all extends from these concepts and means for approaching life.

I want everyone who hears of Decisive. Empowered. Resilient., anyone who reads one of my articles or watches one of my presentations or participates in one of my courses to walk away knowing they CAN gain ownership of their life.

You can become a decisive, empowered and resilient person AND live a life that is filled with joy, peacefulness and allows you to feel satisfied and on purpose.


Other Info About Me:  

I write my books, create my programs, run my brand and second small business in 30 hours a week or less. I do it all mostly during the school day with a few late nights where I am still easily done before midnight.

It is possible to create and grow your dream career once you stop letting everything in life be an excuse.

I am a runner and martial artist. I’m actually an ACE certified fitness instructor and Women’s Self-Defense Instructor. I must have loud music to work out to.

I love coffee and chocolate. These are staples in my daily diet. And yes, I am fit and healthy. (Health starts with your mindset not just in what you eat or how much you work out.) I also love pasta!

I have two active kids who play a lot of sports and we often coach one or both of their teams. It keeps us busy.

I love flowers, plants and being in nature. We have two apple trees and two cherry trees and as many plants as my husband will tolerate.

I journal almost daily – mostly affirmations and thinking about how to continue expanding my goals and lifestyle.

I never want to live the same year twice. I better not find myself in the exact same spot this time last year. In other words, I love learning, new experiences and finding new challenges to pursue.

Someday my books will be on Oprah’s book club reading list and I will get to meet her.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight behind the scenes of Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. and learning a little more about who I am and what I do. I love answering fan email – if you have any questions or would like to learn more head over to my Facebook page, give my page a like and leave me a message!




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