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Cross That Line – Become One of Them

Cross That Line – Become One of Them

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The Fit Mama in me used to be like everyone else (oh it showed in everything I did). Then over the course of figuring out who I am and who I want to be, I noticed I had started to change. Things other people said and did no longer bothered me (otherwise known as cutting out the drama). I started to not care what other people were doing (except to observe, learn and do it better and wiser). I started turning my energy and focus onto who I want to be.

In there, somewhere I changed from the normal one who only gave 80% at best, especially in my workouts. I gave up making excuses, gave up quitting and learned to complete everything I start and give it my 100%.

In the path to personal growth and success, you cross a thresh hold. When you cross this line you become one of them. What you use to call difficult or impossible, you now balk at the fact you called it that. Everything and anything is possible, when you decide to own it. When you teach yourself how to give it your all, every time. And when you do this, amazing things happen. Old limits become the floorboards under your feet. New challenges slowly get punched at and hit by hit, they get broken down, tamed, and claimed.

I can’t tell you when it happened, but I can tell you now – I went from the girl who couldn’t run a mile, to one of the women to beat. Placing in my age group at local races – now a feasible possibility. Am I looking to break records – hell no! But the women I use to follow are now behind me. The women I use to wish I could be, I am now one of them.

I can tell you, when you stand at the side of the gym and watch me workout, I give it my all. I sweat, I burn, I suffer, I push, I climb, I power through. I can give some younger guys a run for their money. You bet it’s entertaining when a young kid flies onto the track and you leave him in your dust for the remainder of your long run. It’s a great feeling when you are one of the few women keeping up with the guys in boxing – in speed, power and effort.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped being the shy one in the back, and became one of the ones in the front. One of the ones to beat. Still quiet – but with focus, determination and power.

It’s motivation. To strive to continuously improve oneself, knowing others are watching you, hoping they too can push themselves to go a little bit longer and become better. It is fun to powerhouse and pummel next to the strong athlete in the class maintaining the same level and pace. Knowing you are giving the veterans a challenge, forcing them to be at their best or they’ll be beat.

When I am working hard and reaching my goals, it’s more than just about me. It’s about those around me. It’s about setting the example – that anything is possible for anyone who will work for it long and hard enough. It’s about catching that gal’s eye across the room and giving her a nod of approval and letting her see the fire in my eyes. And doing it again a few minutes later, and then again – letting her know she is being watched, that someone else knows and believes she can give it more.

To gain the respect of those better than you – it’s earned. And to become one to give that respect and fire to those who rarely receive it – that’s beautiful, magical, and life changing.

Rise above.

Strive for more.


Prove it can be done.

Become a Beast.

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