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Beautiful Inspiration for Ladies

Beautiful Inspiration for Ladies



Part of being a leader and educator in health, fitness and self-empowerment is being a part of the process of simply observing people as they grow and change over time. Yes, we the leaders hope that we will provide some wisdom, techniques and tools to help make that progress easier and quicker for others to go through. But the best part is when you witness people growing on their own.

Recently a beautiful woman I know literally said something that many I don’t think realize is a big sign of personal growth. I’m not sure even she realizes she’s growing and becoming stronger and more confident, but I saw it.

I write about this in my book Raising the Bar for a Higher Level of Living.

In terms of health and fitness, or simply discussing the concept of trying something new, many don’t bother to try at all. They get overwhelmed by anxiety, doubts, fears of not being able to do it or being laughed at for being a new beginner.

We all know people whose lives are truly stuck because of this mindset, and not knowing how to have courage to step out and try new things in life.

Just a few short months ago, this mother I mentioned really struggled with a lot in life. Her health just one thing weighing heavily on her mind. A few months ago she wouldn’t have even considered trying new fitness classes or believing she is capable of being more than who she used to be.

During these recent months I have witnessed her Decide she needs to change, that she KNOWS she is worthy of being healthier and happier. She has a deep desire to become more than the woman she’s been.

I’ve heard her really struggle. I mean really, really struggle.

Yet, I’ve also noticed how her self-talk is getting stronger. From “I want to do this.” to “I’m going to give this a try (boxing class!)” and she followed through and did it. To “I ran a 5k with my daughter, I had to walk some but I finished.”

And just in the last few days, “I went and tried this new class. I’m not sure what to think of it. I may go back, I will think about it.”

 For many you might be thinking so what. But for just as many who are also struggling with getting going and building confidence and putting forth effort and making progress, listen to what you are telling yourself. Watch what you are doing.

This woman is beginning to step out. She’s starting to set aside those debilitating thoughts that used to paralyze her from trying anything, let alone things she’s never done before. She’s beginning to gather a little courage and self-belief that she can totally try new things AND have fun doing them. And she’s learning how to decide what it is she enjoys doing, with the notion if she doesn’t like it, she can go give something totally different a try. And that if she keeps doing this, she will find something she loves doing and likely stick with it.

When she has experienced those truly rough moments, she’s reached out to her support group, admitted weakness and the depth of her struggle, and in doing so she’s received a swooping in of love and encouragement. She’s realized it is okay to struggle, to feel pain, and to give herself a break. She’s learning that in the midst of these moments, she is very much a strong, determined and capable woman. In gathering courage to step out and try new things, she’s meeting new people, building her support system, having fun and adding fuel to that fire burning bright inside of her.

This is a woman intent on becoming the woman she knows she is capable of being And she’s inspiring others and setting a great example for the women in her life.


I wanted to share this with you, so that you know, even if you don’t see the progress happening in your life, others are able to. It is amazing what we can do in a short amount of time. So believe today, in who it is you want to become, step out with courage and try something new. If you see a loved one, or even a distant acquaintance who is working hard and making progress, let them know you see it. Share with them the progress you’ve noticed, give them an extra smile and encouragement.

And to this beautiful lady I know who is working so hard on rebuilding herself – the people in your life can see it and you are inspiring us to keep making progress too!

If you are desiring to rebuild your life and would like help finding courage and building confidence to begin, I recommend taking The Authentic Alignment of Goals with Your Life Purpose mini series. This free email course teaches us how to get started, how to begin in the right direction, how to find the things in life we are passionate about, how to include these passions in our daily living and how to begin building a life around us that is fulfilling.

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