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Answers to Common Writing Questions

Answers to Common Writing Questions


I receive a lot of the same questions, so this week I am answering a few of them. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest as that is where you can easily find my writing related posts. On to your Common Writing Questions!

What do I put on my author page on FB?

If you don’t have a business page as a writer you need one! Create one under the author name or brand you want to use, pick a category that describes you (like author, writer, public figure or whichever best fits you), load a picture of you and create a quick header pic for your author page. (You can create one using Picmonkey or Canva)

Having a professional page keeps your personal and professional stuff separate. You can always share the posts from your professional page onto your personal page when you want.

Add your website link so people can click over to it and learn more about you and your work. Fill out the rest of the About You info.

As for what to post and share, here a few ideas to get you started.

–        Little updates about what you are working on and how it is going

–        Anything related to your writing/career that others might enjoy and learn from you

–        Your blog posts, if they relate to your writing/books/career (keep personal ramblings off your professional page)


If you scroll around my page Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. (I use my brand name) you can see I have added videos, upcoming events, occasional newsletter signups, random thoughts/questions, blog posts. My header picture encourages people to sign up for my newsletter and right now they can read two chapters of my book for free. I also share interviews I’ve been in and info on my webinars and courses.


What do I include on my About Me page on my website? I’m just starting out, what do I put down?

The about me page is your place to really toot your horn professionally. It’s your “This is who I am and what I am about” page. Think of it as an easy copy/paste paragraph or two about who you are – that you can quickly copy, paste and share with whoever might ask.  It’s also the place to share a few fun personal things about yourself – interests/hobbies/quirks, strengths etc.

Include some of your goals, your career vision, why you are writing (what got you started with writing).

While the rest of your website should be mostly professional related, your about me page is where you can let people behind the scenes and find out who you are and what you are about.


I’ve always loved writing and my friends aren’t surprised I started making a career of it, but I didn’t go to school for writing.

A lot of writers don’t major in writing! It is just like anything else in life, you discover you enjoy it and are kind of good at it. Then you begin learning as much as you can about it, and practice and practice more and learn more things to improve on. You get better as time passes and you keep working at it. Apply what you’ve learned from other things in life to your writing. It takes a lot more than a degree in writing/English to get a book published and build a successful career!

A thought for you to think about in coming months – Where do you see yourself in a few years with your writing? Do you want to write one book, a few or several? Do you want to do other stuff too? Can you integrate any of your ambitions together?

Join my Expanding Your Author Platform series to learn more on building a successful writing career and growing professionally.


I made a professional FB page and put in what info I could. Can I invite my friends to like my page now or should I wait until I have more than two posts to share?

Both! A great idea is to break the number of people you can invite (from your personal FB page and other social media accounts and your email list) into smaller chunks. Say thirds for example. Invite one third of your friends to like your new page now. Then wait a few months and after you’ve been able to create and add things consistently to your page, invite the next chunk of people to like it. Then wait a few more months and invite the last group of people to like it.

I recommend doing two things as well. Send personal invites (there is a button on your professional page to do this), then on your personal page write up a little post about you (your writing/books/career) and your new page and tag your business page in the post. (use @yourpage to tag it). Only do this a few times a year or your friends will get tired of you mentioning your page all the time. Then once a year or so, send an invite to everyone – this will catch those who missed your initial invite.

Also, there are tons of niche related groups on FB and G+, go find people who are like minded and your page will start to grow a following. Be sure to include your social media follow me icons on your website and blog posts – make it easy for people to follow you.


I’ve been running a personal blog and now I think I want to make it more professional. I’m writing a book too. How do I transition over?

This is a big step! There is a lot too it – sorry. But these tips will help you get going in the right direction.

First, make sure your website (and social media) is clean and easy to read. If you are a very over the top, frilly, bedazzling kind of person, clean your site up so it looks more professional. If you want to transition into being a professional writer (as a blogger, author or freelancer) you need to begin making the contents you create more focused on what you want to be known and hired for. So your daily/weekly updates on your kids, your personal opinions etc. will need to become rarer or tie directly into your content and purpose.

Example: If you want to freelance and contribute articles to parenting magazine – your contents should be centered on this – not your tenth quilt your sewing or your extremist viewpoint on a hot issue. Everything should tie in and relate to parenting in some way.

If you want to earn money as a blogger you need to create and line yourself up with the types of companies and products you’d like to be reviewing and working with.

If you have been personally blogging about you and your kids and everything but you now want to publish a book on soccer – your content should be focused on soccer, raising athletic/healthy kids, coaching, etc.

Personal bloggers struggle in transitioning over because they aren’t sure what they are wanting to focus on and move towards. It is hard to switch gears from everything being personal to most of it now all being professional. It will take some time to fully switch over but you can do it! Use some of the tips I talked about above to help you make your social media and website more professional. I also have a free email mini course to help writers build focus and direction as a professional writer.

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