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Affirmations for Creating a Success Mindset


Affirmations for Creating a Success Mindset

 Our Minds

Have you ever thought about the number of thoughts that whirl through your mind every single day? The number is astounding. Some of these thoughts are just words that arrive in one ear and go right out the other (other people’s thoughts). Some of our thoughts are old beliefs, and some are total randomness. Sometimes our thoughts are quiet and reassuring, and sometimes they are loud and condemning.

What I want you to realize today is that everything we are is energy, and so are our thoughts. Your thoughts are not at whim, you can gain total decisiveness over the thoughts you think and contemplate on. Even our random thoughts, they are pre-programmed like the songs on our mp3 players. You selectively choose what you allow to be programmed into your thought machine.

A lot of people think of affirmations and positive thinking as silly and wishy-washy. This viewpoint is from those who are average.

The Difference

The truth is that highly successful people understand the importance of intentionally programming the energy of their minds. This is done through affirmations and kindly catching negative energy thoughts in the moment and quickly replacing them with a solid affirmation or correction in thinking. I say kindly because successful people do not allow their emotions to be tangled up with this process, there is no beating the self up over realizing you could have a higher thought or better way of doing things.

Replacing negative thoughts with affirmative ones is just done quickly and the moment is allowed to pass. It takes time and it takes practice but it can be done and the time will pass anyway. I think of it like this, affirmations can become automatic responses to how we make decisions and approach life, I would much rather invest a little time daily (or weekly) to practicing good thinking so that my automatic response thoughts are healthy and productive.

I think of affirmations as seeds that I am planting in my mindset, if I plant the right seeds they will blossom in productivity and good fruit (me feeling and doing well). If I pay attention here and there to what it is I am thinking and how I am thinking about things, and do a little weeding, then I will make wiser decisions and thus experience more enjoyable results.

When athletes do reps, they are training their muscles to be strong and consistent in performance. Think of your mind as a muscle, and by reading, writing and speaking affirmations you are doing reps with your thinking process. You are training your mind to be strong (decisive) and consistent (resilient) which will improve your life experiences which = You Empowered!

The following are a few of my favorite affirmations that I have gathered over the years.

[Original authors for most are unknown as the sources I gained them from also didn’t recall where they’d first heard these affirmations. Affirmations marked with an * are my personal quotes and can be found in my books and are ©.]

 My Favorite Go To Affirmations

*A willingness to learn, grow and change is the determining factor in whether or not my life will improve.

*Faith is only half of it, we must get up and do our part. We must meet God and success halfway.

*If you can be content in the process of getting there, you will be content whether you achieve the goal or not.

Each and every day I will make progress on at least one of my goals.

*I embrace growth, learning and change.

I am willing to let go of my grip on this issue. I release all resistance now and I embrace the present moment.

I am capable of handling what this day brings.

I refuse to be anxious about tomorrow or the next hour.

*I am Decisive, Empowered and Resilient.

I refuse to be anxious about tomorrow or the next hour, I let the future take care of itself. (This mean living decisively in the moment.)

Doors of opportunity are arriving, people are coming to assist and share, productive ideas are arriving, right circumstances and events are unfolding.

Good things come to me daily.

I am adequate, secure and abundant.

I feel good every time I think about money.

I expect and prepare for success and prosperity.

Let there be light, wisdom and understanding in how to apply it.

I see clearly just what to do in all my affairs.

I vibrate to success, joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity.

I relax and let go.

*I am capable of rising above this and living from my highest self.

I prepare for miracles, expect miracles and invite miracles into my life.

I am in perfect command of my energy. (exchange energy for decisions, health, finances, etc.)

I believe in myself, I establish the vibration of assurance.

I love the highest and best in people. I now draw to myself the highest and best people.

My ships come in over a calm sea, under grace in perfect ways.

Everything I want and need is already on my pathway, I now relax in peace, knowing what I seek is seeking me.


These are just a handful of ways to affirm successful thinking into your mindset. If you would like to see more of my own success quotes head over to Instagram where I share mine often.


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