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To Achieve in Life We Must Expand

To Achieve in Life We Must Expand

To achieve in life we must begin to expand, for expansion creates the very opportunities that bring about success.  

 In my Authentic Living mini e-course and also in my book Raising the Bar for a Higher Level of Living I teach the fact in order to begin achieving goals we must grow and change.

People fail to achieve anything in life, their goals of all varieties, because they fail to understand that they will actually and literally have to change from who they currently are, into a new person – the person who is on the other side of the goal with it achieved.

Success requires us to expand ourselves, to reach out, to take risks, to be vulnerable and expose our inner selves. We have to crack open the exterior shell that we have been clutching tightly to in order to emerge victorious.

We have to let go of and surpass our self-created limitations in how we’ve gone about thinking, making decisions and taking action. We have to discipline our minds and bodies and apply focused effort – consistently.

You cannot become this you over there who has achieved the goal without changing first.

One must embrace uncertainty, overcome fear, quiet down the limitations and lack of others, and pursue desires fiercely in order to achieve.

By remaining the same and refusing to grow, let go and evolve, we will never receive or experience anything different than that which is currently present in our lives.

For us to achieve and rise up to a higher level of living we must welcome positive change and allow ourselves to explore possibilities. We must recognize that learning requires testing the waters and evaluating what works well and that which does not and experiencing a variety of results before we decide upon an approach that will indeed flourish.

Mediocrity goes with flow, never aims for anything higher except just enough to survive.  A mediocre life creates a cyclical rhythm of the same repeating patterns and situations. Whereas, a life that is expanding will rise up with direction, focus and purpose, indeed to a higher level of ever increasing wonderful living filled with new opportunities and experiences.

Success is at its base level – a decision. A decision to seek expansion and evolving and experience life at its fullest.

We are always, every moment of every day, in full control of this ability to decide.

Who are we?

Where are we going?

What are we doing with ourselves?

Why are we here?

When will we rise?

The power, ability and desire reside within you. The responsibility for your life and who you decide to become is solely yours.

5 Tips for Creating Expansion

1.      Pursue the things in life you enjoy. This leads to natural growth and personal development.

2.      Accept Ownership of your life and the results of your decisions.

3.      Get going. Success requires taking directed action daily.

4.      Do something bold. This builds courage and confidence to pursue bigger and better things in life.

5.      Strive to making something of yourself. Refuse to live the same year over and over again.

 Personal Tip:

 Building discipline and focus takes time. Write this down and post it in a place where you will see it daily. Absorb this statement deep into the core of who you are – doing so will begin to feed that fire for growth and change. Ready? Here it is:

 “On this day, next year, I have to be in a better place than where I am here today.”

 As you read this on a regular basis follow it up with these questions:

 “What am I doing this week to become… wiser, stronger, more disciplined, focused, a better decision maker, taking bigger action etc.?”

 “What do I need to be doing here and now to have become that person one year from now?”

 “What in the hell am I waiting for? How can I take a step of action forward and upwards today?”

 “Will I be in the exact same place one year from today?”

 If you would like help with building clarity and discipline when it comes to achieving your goals in life, look into my It’s Time to Achieve series.


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