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The lessons in this short post are important. One’s approach and decision making ability are the essence and solid predecessor of every result we experience in life.


Excerpt from The DecisionAccountability


“Champions and highly successful persons hold themselves accountable for every thought, every choice, every action and every result.

It is relatively a basic and easy concept to understand and fairly difficult one to imprint into your brain and daily life. It is the requirement to succeed in anything for the long run. You have to understand that you are responsible for yourself and your life, exactly how and who you are right now and for everything that will ever come your way.

Every single person is responsible for themselves. Nobody can tell you how to feel, how to respond, or what choices to make. But the results speak for themselves. Your life reflects how accountable you are, how independent you are, and whether or not you are willing to live for yourself and your dreams.

Life is and can be hard. Life can be short. Life can be long and great, and wonderful and easy. Yes, easy. It is all a matter of perspective, which is a choice made daily, and throughout the day, and is a result of holding yourself accountable for your mind, your emotions, your body, and your life.”


.If you want to achieve real goals… if you want to create positive long term changes in your life, it all comes down to one question:

Do you accept ownership over your life? Are you accountable to and of yourself and this life you’ve got?

Want to learn how to create a life that is fulfilling and on purpose?

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