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Resources I Use and Commonly Asked Questions

For Blogging:

What Host do I use for my website?

I use HostMonster for webhosting services. I use WordPress for my website and blog.

What theme do I use for my website?

I use the Credence theme.

Where do I get images for my blogging and social media?

Some of the images I use are mine! The others I have bought from Adobe Photo Stock.

What do I use to edit my images?

I mostly use Canva (love it). Sometimes I use pickmonkey (don’t love it so much).

What do I use for social media scheduling?

I started out with Co-schedule. It didn’t do everything I wanted it to at the time.

I now use Hootsuite and love it! I have all of my social media streams on there.

The exception is Facebook, I schedule my Facebook posts to my pages via Facebook’s own scheduler.

I use tailwind for scheduling my pins on Pinterest. Click here to get 1 month free of Tailwind. [*affiliate link]

What do I use for my newsletters and email system provider?

I started with Mailchimp. I now use Convertkit! It is totally awesome and I love, and yes that link is an affiliate.

Convertkit is worth every penny!

Where can you sign up for my newsletters and free mini courses?

If you would like to subscribe to everything I send out relating to goals and building a success mindset, click below:

If you are a writer, blogger or creative/entrepreneur wanting tips on writing, blogging, publishing or platform building, click below:

Where can you buy my books?

My books are all available on Amazon and you can also find them here.

Where can you learn more about what I teach on writing and blogging?

Click that Empowered Writer’s Program button just above.

You can also follow me on Facebook at The Empowered Writer and/or Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. (success and motivation)

Do I accept guest blog posts?

I don’t share guest posts on my blog. However if you have a great post that fits either of my niches really well (writing/blogging or success/goals) then you can always send me a link and I may consider sharing it on one of my social media accounts and pin it to one of my boards.

Do I have any Pinterest boards you can join and collaborate on?

Yes. I have one general Great Things By Bloggers board that is always open. This board is SPAM FREE and family friendly. Just send me your Pinterest email (email it to me or drop me a message on FB).

I belong to several niche boards – if you fall into one of my categories of: writing/blogging/author/publishing, business/entrepreneurship, parenting, fitness/running/martial arts and have some great articles you think would fit nicely, send me the links and I will probably pin them. I love sharing great stuff!

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