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A Writer’s Progress – October

A Writer’s Progress – October

October is literally the busiest, craziest, most fun month of the year for my family. There are birthdays, anniversaries, pumpkin farms, Halloween & trick or treating, field trips, sports and so on. At the beginning of every month I get out my goals and figure out what is realistic for me to achieve. This month was all about keeping on and making whatever progress I could. And that is just what I did.

I’ve had fun, I’ve worked hard when I could work, and I’ve made progress.

Just six weeks ago I didn’t even have a website or blog or Facebook page. Now I have one! And it’s going and growing. I am learning all about this social media platform thing, how to market, how to network, and how make it all work together.

I’ve submitted my blog to a few places, like BlogTopSpots and bloglovin, and a few articles and blog ideas to Working Mother and The Huffington Post. It will be awesome to see my work sponsored/shared by a big name! It will happen soon enough. Patience, patience.

I’ve gotten myself up and going over at Google+ – but I will be honest I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate much there yet. Feel free to join in Decisive.Empowered.Resilient’s circle to receive updates and blog posts.

I have one of my mentors (trainers) reading The Decision, which I sent to two more agents who basically confirmed the responses I’ve gotten so far – Must Have Social Media Following. This is a bit of a bummer. The writing/publishing world has changed so fast even in just the last few years. I am determined to get published the traditional way, I want my books on bookstore shelves (and yes they will also be available on nooks/kindles). Persistence, patience and stubborn determination helps.

I am also starting to research self-publishing, not necessarily for The Decision, but for other shorter works I might come up with, to continue building up a following.

I found an awesome source for authors, to find other authors, and this led to a day in which I gained almost 100 likes for my FB page! But it also took a lot of visits to FB on my phone, in other words took a lot of time.

In addition to all this, I have also written a handful of blog posts and have figured out how to pin them all to Pinterest.

For six weeks of having social media outreach, I’d say I’ve done a decent job. In case you missed the links above, you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and via email from my website.

I almost forgot, I have indeed been making good progress on the follow up to The Decision, Empower. It feels really good to have days where I am just writing again, and creating wonderful words of inspiration.

This is what I’ve been focused on. What have you been working for your goals and dreams?

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