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6 Questions I Ask Daily to Make Progress

6 Questions I Ask Daily to Make Progress



Recently I did a quick video and also gave insight to those subscribed to my Empowered Writer’s program [If you are a writer or blogger you can sign up via that link] about the 6 questions that I ask myself every morning to help me be productive and stay focused on the decisions and actions that will bring me real results.

I got great feedback from fans about those tips I shared so I am going to include them here on the blog too.

If you get anything from this article take away this:

               Being busy doesn’t always lead to the results you want.

Focused Actions will give you results that leave you satisfied!


Everyone has different objectives! Everyone has a different purpose, path and desired outcome for their life and their profession.

You need to know what your objective is!!! This clearly defines the questions you will ask yourself and the actions you will need to take to achieve that objective.

The questions I ask myself every day will be different that the questions you will ask yourself each morning. However, learning about the questions I ask myself and why will help you develop your daily focus questions clearly.


So for me I am a professional creative and educator – I make a living by writing and speaking, I also run a business. My #1 objective is to make sales – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills.

Now this can trick people up here. My passion is inspiring and leading others to personal growth and evolving. But if I don’t make money, I’d be working for someone else and wouldn’t have the time/energy to put into my passion – that which really makes me come alive and fills me with joy and energy.

My passion and my objective are not the same but they sure go hand in hand.

The very first question I ask myself every day is:

Question #1 How Am I Going to Generate Sales?

What am I going to do today that will create money in my bank account which will then allow me to spend more time and love and energy into my work?

Some days this question is more challenging than others. The rest of the questions I ask myself stem from question #1. Everything that I do during the day should contribute to answering Q #1 – otherwise it’s not going to fulfill my objective.

My favorite way to encourage and educate others is by writing books. This is my thing. However, it takes a long time to write a book, edit it, get it published, selling and into reader’s hands. It stills meets my objective – earning money doing what I love to do – just not very quickly. Spending time daily working on my baby projects (books) brings me great joy so I make sure to include it daily.

Question #2 is – Did I invest one hour today working on my current book project?

Because writing and publishing books is a long term thing, I’ve come up with wonderful ways to both meet my objective and expand my creativity and ability to inspire and educate others. I speak at conferences, host my own workshops, offer online classes and various programs that I am always expanding.

The next three questions all center on these bonus ways I interact with people. They are setup to include short term (daily), midrange (every few weeks) and long term (every few months or 1-2x year) opportunities for me to interact with my fans and customers, grow and expand professionally, do what I really love doing AND they still meet my objective Q#1 of earning an income.

Question #3 I am investing 1 hour today creating new content and I created ___________. 

This is my daily connection with you my fans. It could be a blog post, a new YouTube video, a new motivating/useful email to subscribers, a webinar, etc. I try to spend an hour creating 1+ types of content to give my customers daily. In reality – I create 2-3 new items a week and re-purpose some of my great old content too.

*Bonus tip – It is really easy to package together several related articles, videos or awesome emails and turn it into a paid product – which is another way to meet objective Q#1.


Question #4 I worked on my online courses by: ___________ and _____________.

This enables me to continue creating new classes for customers to continue their personal development education and also gives me time to continue improving the courses I’ve already created.


Question #5 I worked on an upcoming event today doing: ___________, ______________.

Speaking at live events and hosting workshops takes a lot of work, usually months of prep work. This means that if I want to do a great job – I need to begin to plan and prepare basically the same week I set an event date.  Even just 30 min. a few times a week makes a huge difference in event performance.

 Again you can see how questions 3-5 involve time ranges, short and long term goals, ways to engage with customers in various ways/formats and ALL contribute to my objective of earning money doing what I love to do.

Whatever your professional goals are – set questions 3-5 to include different time ranges, your short and long term goals and be sure they contribute to your overall objective.


The last question I ask myself is really important – as important as Q #1. It involves stepping out of comfort zones, confidence, courage and believing in what you are doing.  This question has direct impact on your objective and can really influence how quickly and to what scale you achieve that objective.

Question #6 – I connected with these people in my industry today:





Connecting with your peers and especially those who are a few levels up in the game than you are is SO important! Not only can it bring you wonderful mentors and opportunities but it keeps you learning and growing every day, both personally and professionally.

If you are not sure where to begin and who to connect with in your industry – think about your goals for a moment.

In my case I could connect with: authors, bloggers, agents, editors, speakers, publishers, similar business owners. This list goes on and on.  Every few months I take time to make a giant list of people I’d like connect with and then just slowly make my way through it. I include the person’s name, what they do, where I can find them (email/website/#), and why I want to connect with them. This makes the actual daily encounter much easier and less scary to do.


There you have it. The 6 questions that guide me professionally, allowing me to have careers I am passionate about, that I receive income from and gives me incredible opportunities to continue growing personally and professionally. Each of these questions encourages me to continue expanding the ways I serve my customers and connect with my fans – which gives me great joy!


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