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5 Ways to Start Your Morning


5 Ways to Start Your Morning


Some people LOVE mornings. Some can bounce right out of bed at the early crack of dawn with pure glee for the day. They get more done between 4 and 6am than most do all day.

Others hit that snooze button once (okay a few times), somehow flop out of bed and manage to clean up, feed the family and get everyone out of the house mostly on time.

Whichever type you tend to be more like, I’ve got 5 Ways to Start Morning off on a good note.

I’ve talked about it before how as a busy mom and wife, I also find time to write books, run a blog and grow two small businesses while having plenty of time to keep my sanity. I also run our household with no housekeeper, nanny or family nearby to assist AND workout a few times a week. I’ve got this work/life balance thing pretty well figured out and it is large part due to the fact I know how to ROCK My MORNINGS!

If you’d like to read more on how I balance being a writer and manage two businesses read this post on What I Do During My Day for tips on productivity.

Now I do believe in prepping just a bit every night for the next day. By that I mean I try to do a quick sweep of the counters, the kids have their homework done and in their backpacks, and I set that coffee pot. But that is as far as it goes. I don’t set out the next day’s outfits, lunches or anything else. We do pretty much nothing the hour before we go to bed – it’s all about resting and relaxing.

There are 5 things I do every morning that help me start the day off well, and I am not a morning person.  I like mornings but it takes me awhile to turn from sleeping zombie to functioning and chirpy. I’m that coffee mug that says don’t speak to me until I’m on the second cup of joe.

Tips #1 for a Great Morning:

Take Care of You! Sounds rude but frankly I make sure that I am able to take care of my immediate needs in the morning. I hop into the shower first thing; I allow myself at least 10 minutes of quiet bliss. I’ve trained the dogs to wait until I’m out of my room before they get let out. The kids make their way out to the couch and groggily watch cartoons. (Our kids are major early birds.) Nobody is fed until Mom is dressed.

It didn’t use to be this way, in fact my mornings use to suffer something awful because the kids and the dogs would immediately whine, bark and start demanding this and that before I even threw the covers back. Now my mornings start out with at least 10 minutes of peace.

Too many adults make everyone else their #1 priority and then eventually they run out of steam and chaos unfolds.

Be the boss in your life, set the tone and make the rules.

Tip #2 for a Great Morning:

Extend that Me time during the before school hours. In between getting the kids dressed, fed and ready for school, the dogs taken care of and the days to do list started; I focus on building my mindset for having a good and productive day.

I will read for 30 minutes, write affirmations, look at my goals, ENJOY MY COFFEE! Yes, it is broken up into 5-10 minute segments but I still manage to do this set up for success DAILY.

YOU DECIDE how your day will go! Every single day. If you invest the time and effort to starting the day out with a great approach (mindset) your day will go much better and you will find yourself more productive and focused on the things that bring the best results.


Tip #3 for a Great Morning:


Enough said.

Some people prefer pop or energy drinks. Whatever it takes to get that brain up and going do it. Don’t skimp on the creamer to save calories.

Same with breakfast. Some days I don’t need to eat breakfast. Some days I do. Somedays I eat 3 breakfasts (usually if I had a great workout the day before). This doesn’t mean eat a box of donuts.

Fuel yourself to wake up and start your day feeling energized and good physically.


Tip #4 for a Great Morning:

Do the 1-2 things on your action list that will

  1. Give you good results
  2. Bring you joy and leave you feeling satisfied


I always start out my work day with an activity that is important, it needs doing AND doing it well will have enabled me to make solid progress with the week’s goals.  It is also almost always an action that I enjoy working on (easy to do when you love the work you do) and I feel thoroughly satisfied in having finished it.

A lot of people will start their day doing things they hate doing – just to get it over with. Or they do unimportant tasks that mostly consist of spinning wheels.  If something comes up and your workday gets shortened (happens a lot) than you haven’t made much progress on things that are important and you won’t feel good (satisfied) about your workday. Thus, you feel crummy in the evening, aren’t able to relax and feel frustrated before tomorrow’s work day has even arrived.

Start your work day with an activity that will bring you results and joy in accomplishing it. That way whatever else happens during the day, you will have made real progress and feel good about your productivity.


Tip #5 for a Great Morning:

Limit Your Time on Social Media, Watching the News and Being Around Negative People

We get to decide who and what we give our time, energy and attention to. Whether it’s before work or during your breaks – reduce the time and energy you give to those external sources which are often filled with low, negative energies.

If you want to watch the news, listen to the weather and quickly scan the scrolling headlines at the bottom. If you feel you must scroll your social media feeds – create positive feeds! You are in full control over who you follow and what is likely to flit past your eyes. I stay off of Facebook as much as possible, my Instagram feed is chock full of motivational and business related quotes to fuel my mind up.

If there are people who suck the soul of you at work – avoid them. The easiest way to rid the negativity around you is to address it flat out. Put on headphones and listen to educational podcasts or uplifting music during your breaks. Show up on time, have a good book to read if you are early.

Having a great morning is entirely a decision! Get decisive about how you will spend your time and energy.


Bonus Tip for a Great Morning:

If you can, step outside for a few minutes of fresh air! Even if the weather is less than beautiful, getting fresh air on your skin, in your lungs will help your body wake up. If you can sit outside with your coffee for a few minutes of quiet bliss do so. You could also take a quick walk.

To summarize how I start my mornings off peaceful, quietly and productively, ready to make progress and work diligently, I

  1. Take Care of Me (I set the tone, pace and rules for a peaceful morning.)
  2. Invest in My Mindset and Approach for the Day (Prepare and expect a successful day)
  3. Enjoy coffee and breakfast. (Waking up the mind and body)
  4. Reduce the external ‘noise.’ (Limit who and what my mind is exposed to)
  5. First tackle an activity that will bring me progress and satisfaction


And then I also try to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.


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